The Horan Lover

This story is about two sisters who's single mother has married Louis's mom. It is my first movella, so I hope u like it!!!!


1. We find out

My mom looked as happy as can be when she got home from her blind date. I asked her why she was so happy. She told Libby (my 18 year old sister) and i that she got married. Libby and i's mouths dropped to the floor WHAT!!!!???? Married???? That was only one blind date. How could she already get married?? W-w-whats his name? I studderd. Frank Malik. I was confused. who is that? OMG MOM U MARRIED THE ZAYN MALIKS DAD??? THE ZAYN MALIK??????!!!!! Is that that one demision band u like i asked? SHELLY ITS ONE DIRECTION AND YES WERE GONNA BE RICH!!!! Libby shouted Okay okay calm down mom said Shelby do u know anything about one direction? mom asked me. no not really. I amitted.  Well ur about to find out.


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