(This movella is set as if One Direction isn't famous.)
Ashalee York was always one to try and hide away, she only showed who she really was to her one friend Jay. Ashalee is shy, and a good girl (who sometimes likes to bend the rules) and she is insecure about herself. Ashalee is your average girl in every way on the outside. But on the inside she deals with the constant struggle, the rage on inside of her mind, she's bipolar. It may be fate, chance, destiny, or whatever you call it but she finds herself mixed up with Harry Styles who wants to show her that she doesn't have to close people out. But he doesn't know about the mental war the wages deep within her mind and maybe if he did know he would leave her and label her as a freak like the rest of society.


23. This is the Girl

Harry's POV

I was so excited. I got out of the car and rushed to one side to let the girls out. As Ash climbed out some stray hairs flew in the wind, I reached up and tucked them behind her ear. The way she blushed in the car indicated that our little scrabble earlier had been resolved. I felt her slip her fingers in between mine and her palms pressed to my skin heating them up.

"This is it." I say letting a cool breeze kiss my face. The air felt more frigid than earlier, winter is coming and honestly I'm surprised that it hadn't begun to snow but I guess that's global warming for you. Jay took some steps ahead of us and pulled out her phone and began to record us.

"What are you doing?" Ash asked covering her face. "You know I hate myself on camera Jay."

Jay zoomed in on Ashalee, "Just filming stuff for you wedding."

My breathe kind of hitched in the back of my throat, Ash didn't seem to notice but Jay sent me a puzzling glance.

"Yeah, when you guys get married people are going to want to see the beginnings of your passionate love story."

Ash peeked through her fingers, a small gesture that made me bend down a bit to kiss her on the top of her head.

"See this is what the people want to see." Jay commented.

"You are so silly Jay." Ash smiled tightening the grip on my hand, her palm pressing harder against mine shielding me from the breeze that weaved its way through the gaps in our interlocked hands. I liked the little spurts of warmth this gives me.

"So curly are you going to say why we're here?"

Jay asked trying to get information from me.

"Let's sit here," we say down at a McDonald's near the first security checkpoint and I got up.

"What would you girls like to eat it's on me."

Jay grumbled impatiently, "What are we doing here?"

"I don't know." Ash shrugged, and gave me a look trying to get information from me.

Jay broke this silence, "Okay British boy give me a McDouble and fries, and for keeping this outing a mystery give me a large cola."

I laughed, "What about you love?"

Ash looked at me, "Nuggets, fries, and uh...medium Sprite."

I came closer to Ash, "Actually they are called McNuggets." I corrected her.

"Shut upppp." Ash whined, as I turned she smacked my bum making me jump. I heard her and Jay giggle, laugh while you can I'll get you soon. The thought makes me chuckle to myself. The girl out the counter tried to flirt with me until her manager had to come and take over. Do your flirting somewhere else but not in a McDonald's in an airport.

I turned around to see this blonde guy hovering above Ash, he had his back to me and right now I had the perfect shot to kick him in the ass. He said something, and then I heard Ashalee laugh and Jay was looking at him a googly-eyed. Ash looked at me and told the boy something. The guy sat up and looked at me, it was Niall.

I nearly dropped the food, "Niall!" I hollered drawing attention from some of the other staff and patrons.

Niall pulled me into a hug, "Hey man."

That familiar accent, his distinctive Irish one filling my ears.

"It's been so long."

"It's been too long, but I live up in Mullingar, these bro-bonding  moments are limited."

I nodded in agreement.

"Where are the-"

"In luggage claim, I saw that head of curly hair of yours and saw these lovely ladies and I assumed they were with you."

Niall glanced at Jay, Jay looked away her eyes surprised yet full of something. Oh Jay had a crush! I gave Jay this look when she turned toward me. My eyes read 'I saw that' and hers said back 'I know'.

Niall turned back to Ash, "So this is the girl?"

Niall asked, I nodded. I had been spilling my guts out to my mate back across the pond in Europe about her. This was the surprise, they were coming to visit me for my winter break and I couldn't wait to show of my girl to them and maybe even start something between Niall and Jay. Who knows?

Ash took the tray from me and took some fries out of a bag.

"I'm hungry, you can bond late, hurry up or the fries will get cold."

Jay did the same thing munching down some the fries.

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