(This movella is set as if One Direction isn't famous.)
Ashalee York was always one to try and hide away, she only showed who she really was to her one friend Jay. Ashalee is shy, and a good girl (who sometimes likes to bend the rules) and she is insecure about herself. Ashalee is your average girl in every way on the outside. But on the inside she deals with the constant struggle, the rage on inside of her mind, she's bipolar. It may be fate, chance, destiny, or whatever you call it but she finds herself mixed up with Harry Styles who wants to show her that she doesn't have to close people out. But he doesn't know about the mental war the wages deep within her mind and maybe if he did know he would leave her and label her as a freak like the rest of society.


11. Like What

(Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is all like 'ARGGG I NEED MORE' for this story :D Nicole xx)

Harry's POV

I sat up against the door, hoping to hear any noises she made in the shower. I heard her strip off her clothes, I heard her fumble a bit and laughed quietly to myself. She stepped in the shower and I was hoping she was to sing, something, anything and she did.

'Little blue bird don't fly away.

Won't you stay for one more day.

Little blue bird in the palm of my hand.

You are my sadness, and every chance.

One day I know you'll be gone.

Then I'll be here all alone.

Little blue bird stay here with me.

Because I'll always love you,

till' the end of history.

Her voice wasn't anything special. Not like angelic, or sexy, or hypnotic. It was sweet, like the kind of voice a mother would use to calm down her crying child, holding them tight telling them everything was going to be alright. She ended the tender listening moment,


Well then, she mumbled some more profanities, "Damn, soap in my eye."

It was almost a whisper, I might not of heard if the shower walls didn't echo everything she said making them louder. The water stopped and then everything went quiet.

"That's better." she sighed. "Oh man...crap my cloth-." Ash wasn't having the best morning I'm guessing. The door slid open and I, leaning against it fell backwards arms flailing trying to find something to hold on and latched onto the door handle.

"You are such a perv!" she strained, voice cracking. I only thought that happened to guys, or when a girl was getting some.

"I'm not a pervert, well actually-." I say pulling myself up, water dripping down her figure, I wanted to see her, all of her exposed. She ran down the hallway, I chased after her, she made it to one of the doors and slammed another door in my face. I wasn't getting anywhere with her. I basically dry humped her last night. Why was she being so chaste?

"Need any help in there?" My ear pressed against the door.

"NO!" she exclaimed and hit the door hard making my head bang against it.

"Ow!" I said.

"That's what you get for leaning against doors." she snapped.

When she came out her hair was pinned up and was wearing the tank top. I was clingy, it outlined her breasts perfectly I couldn't help but stare. Her pajama bottoms were different, they were I guess you could say 'cute' with little sheep on them counting out. Counting sheep. Sheep counting. I tried to think of anything besides how nice, not nice, hot, not hot, sexy in the simplest way because obviously she wasn't to happy by my direct (and slightly indirect) tactics.

I followed her as she walked past me, purposefully bumping into my shoulder. That thing girls do when they want to let you know they're pissed off with you with saying words. Actually girls had many ways of doing that.

She walked into the kitchen and went from cabinet to cabinet  I watched her stand on the toes and try to reach a cereal box. She was at least six inches shorter than me. I liked it, I could tower over her, I reached above her and got the cereal box I looked down and handed it to her. She snatched it from me. Moody.

"Are you on your period or something you seem bitchy." I was trying to provoke her, just a little bit. I thought that she was extremely sexy when she 'feisty'.

She made a bowl of cereal, milk in a cup on the side. Strange. She would take a bite and then sip some of the milk.

"Why do you eat cereal like that?"

"Because I want to god damn it!"

She got up taking the class of milk. I took slow steps tracing them back to her room, her door was cracked and I peaked in, she grabbed it, the pill bottle. Two pills left in it, she jammed both in her mouth and took a quick swig of the milk. She strolled over to her bed and fell on it, back up, eyes looking up.

"Why am I like this?" she breathed closing her eyes.

Like what?

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