(This movella is set as if One Direction isn't famous.)
Ashalee York was always one to try and hide away, she only showed who she really was to her one friend Jay. Ashalee is shy, and a good girl (who sometimes likes to bend the rules) and she is insecure about herself. Ashalee is your average girl in every way on the outside. But on the inside she deals with the constant struggle, the rage on inside of her mind, she's bipolar. It may be fate, chance, destiny, or whatever you call it but she finds herself mixed up with Harry Styles who wants to show her that she doesn't have to close people out. But he doesn't know about the mental war the wages deep within her mind and maybe if he did know he would leave her and label her as a freak like the rest of society.


22. Hashalee

Ashalee's POV

Jay has started calling me and Harry Hashalee. I think it's cute and so does Harry, whenever she sees us together she always calls out, "Look who it is it's the Hashalee couple."

Dawn has been spreading it around lately and now everyone calls us that. It's been a few months now and winter break is fast approaching. Harry has been excited about something lately and he claims it isn't because of the upcoming cold. My father has been crazy strict about him being around and whenever he comes over to help me with 'homework'. But my dad is still weary of my Curly, I guess he would be. It's just so weird that he expects we 'do stuff' together.

School had just got out and winter break is officially here. Harry told me he has some people he wants me to meet. I don't know but he asked me to come with him after school is out. My happy jar is full, to the brim, I'm on a happy high and it seems almost as if my brain wants to be normal now.

As I walk to Harry's car I see a certain blonde talking to him.

Harry seemed to be pissed off, he was very on edge. Ally leaned against this car grabbing the collar of his shirt pulling him closer. I quickened my pace but I wasn't fast enough. She pressed her hand to the back of his head and his lips grazed hers, he didn't struggle, or maybe he did I don't know but this thing, this pit in my stomach rocked back and forth and made me want to scream. "Get the fuck off of him."

Harry pushed from her and spit into the asphalt of the parking lot. He wiped her lips gloss from his lips and began  coughing.

"Oh look Harry it's part two of you, Ashalee. I wonder if she saw that little kiss."

She pushed past Harry and bumped into me, "See you later Hashalee," Ally looked past me and then to Harry, "You know Hally sounds better."

Harry grabbed his head and paced back and forth, "I am so sorry, please don't get mad."

He was afraid I would get mad, make a scene, flip out, lose control.

"I'm not. You didn't enjoy it right?"

"Of course not, it was torture."

"I saw you pull away, you didn't kiss back. Harry ever since we've been us whenever Ally comes around you fear I might go crazy."

"I've seen it happen to you once and I don't want that happening again, I hate to see you like that."

"I can't control it Harry." My defenses began to go up.

"I don't mean it like that."

My defenses went down again.

"I'm sorry it's just,"

Harry cut me off, I knew he I hated that but if he did he it was for good reason.

"Why don't you tell people, you know?"

I never bothered to tell Harry why, people would think I was a freak and for some reason him even having to ask without having any common sense towards my reasoning pissed me off. Harry looked past me and I turned around, Jay was sitting there.

"Excuse me." I say.

I came towards Jay, "What's the matter?"

"My mom said she was going to be an hour late to pick me up so I'm going to have to sit out here. Traffic jam, apparently."

Jay was the only person who help me keep my cool besides Harry when we have those romantic moments.

"Harry and I are going somewhere, he hasn't told me what yet want to come and after we could drop you off home?"

Jay nodded her head, "Let me just tell my mom that."

She pulled out her phone and called her mom.

I told Harry Jay was coming. He kind of huffed out some air and I gave him a look. He was nearly in the doghouse, he shouldn't make it worse for himself.

I sat in the backseat with Jay. I could see Harry's eyes, they kept looking back and forth at me in rearview mirror.

We came to the airport.

"Here we are." Harry said accent gruff.

I couldn't help myself I had to sigh, he looked at me and I blushed.

"Oh look there is some Hashalee stuff going on right now." Jay teased.

I tried to regain myself, "Harry why are we at the airport?"




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