(This movella is set as if One Direction isn't famous.)
Ashalee York was always one to try and hide away, she only showed who she really was to her one friend Jay. Ashalee is shy, and a good girl (who sometimes likes to bend the rules) and she is insecure about herself. Ashalee is your average girl in every way on the outside. But on the inside she deals with the constant struggle, the rage on inside of her mind, she's bipolar. It may be fate, chance, destiny, or whatever you call it but she finds herself mixed up with Harry Styles who wants to show her that she doesn't have to close people out. But he doesn't know about the mental war the wages deep within her mind and maybe if he did know he would leave her and label her as a freak like the rest of society.


40. Didn't Mean to Hurt You

Harry's POV

I watched Ash, she was crying and I had done that to her. I hadn't hurt her emotionally like I thought I would, but physically. She was sobbing lightly,

"Come here," I said.

I got into the shower with her hugging her close. I let her bury her head in my chest, normally seeing a girl naked would turn me on, especially when it's Ash, but her crying in a ball made her look younger and more childish. I just wanted to protect her. Take all the pain and put it in a bottle and then smash it into million pieces.

"I am so sorry." I mumbled into her soaking hair not knowing what else to say.

"I know, it's just that..."

"You don't have to explain."


I ordered pizza trying to do anything to make Ash feel better but she requested that I take her home. Ash was unhappy, so unhappy she wanted to get away from me. I drove her home and watched as she walked to her front door.

I tried to kiss her but she converted it to the cheek before I could make contact with her lips.

As I drove back to my place the look on Ash's face when she was sitting in the shower was on replay in my mind. I slammed the car door. I stood there at my door thinking.

"Did she run away from you, because if she did I'm here."


"What the hell are you doing here?" I spat.

"Harry, I came back for you."

Damn, not this again.

I turned my key and rushed inside and slammed the door. Ally put her foot in the door before it hit the door frame.

"Ouch, Harry my foot. I think I need to stay awhile."

She made her way to my couch and spread out puffing her chest out. She took a lollipop from her back pocket and unwrapped it slowly, she stuck it between her teeth and then began to suck on it harshly.

"I have you use the bathroom when I come back you better be out of my life bitch."

"No need for such words I'll be gone soon enough. I just wanted to see you."

When I came back from the bathroom Ally was gone.

I sank down on the wall and covered my face. Ash was gone Ally was back. How twisted was that and school was about to peak it's ugly ass around the corner. Life is cake walk...just not when you're me.

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