Tokyo High Magic Academy

As Toki,Mizuki and Chika help Yuki find out who is graffiting on the year ten's dorm wall, they find themselves looking into two other problems.


6. Trouble for Mizuki

Since yesterdays fashion show was Mizuki's idea, today Toki thought of playing indoor knockout. Although it wasn't much of a sporty game,Chika didn't seem the least bit interested.But she still put on a smile,not wanting to hurt Toki's feelings.

Very surprisingly,for Toki and Mizuki, Chika won! Toki was sitting on her bed, her fingers running through her hair.Mizuki on the other hand was very doubtful. She didn't know if Chika had cheated and used her magic, or she was just lucky.

Just then, as if it were a cartoon, a light bulb flashed on in Mizuki's mind. Since Chika was very ticklish, Mizuki would just tickle the life out of her until she told the truth.

Mizuki grinned insanely until Chika and Toki were sure that she had gone crazy. Mizuki walked up to Chika innocently. Once she was as near as possible she started tickling Chika while saying,"Tell me! You cheated didn't you? I wont stop tickling until you say the truth!"

"Okay!Okay!"Chika managed to choke out. She felt like a criminal getting hit by a police officer. She admitted that she cheated using magic. But she didn't have to explain why she did it of course. It was quite obvious after she admitted.Chika aploligised and they all went to sleep happily.

Next day instead of hearing Toki's usual screaming to wake up, Mizuki heard an unfamiliar one. It was Mizu Tsukashima.

"Miss Lauren is calling for you. She says you don't have to get dressed now.Once you finished talking you can come back and change."said Mizu.

Mizuki walked to her class wondering what on earth had happened! When she opened the door, Miss Lauren looked very stern indeed.

"W-What's t-the m-m-matter?"stammered Mizuki."Does this remind you of anything?"replied Miss Lauren holding a very fashionable purse. Mizuki looked so confused Miss Lauren returned to her usual gentle,kind self.

"Mizuki, telling the truth about stealing my purse will lead you into less trouble."said Miss Lauren.

Mizuki shook her head,"I would never steal from a nice teacher like you. Plus i didn't even know you had such a purse!"

"I believe. I know you wouldn't steal it.But when i found it in your desk i had to ask to make sure. Don't tell anybody about this,apart from your friends.I don't want Mrs Lin knowing about this.She'll give you a punishment for sure!"

Mizuki walked back to her room very troubled.












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