Tokyo High Magic Academy

As Toki,Mizuki and Chika help Yuki find out who is graffiting on the year ten's dorm wall, they find themselves looking into two other problems.


10. Second Theft

Toki peeked through the door expecting graffiti to be scribbled on the wall. The wall was still the same dull off-white. She opened the bathroom.No graffiti. But then she saw something worse had happened. Her Emerald ring with magic silver diamonds inside to protect her against evil corrins, was gone!


A few thousands of years ago Corrins and Magicians were great friends and together lived in a seperate dimension from the humans.One day  the greatest scientist (From the Corrins side) made an experiment. Over night the expermint over flooded his office, burning everything it touched. Soon enough the whole dimension was burnt out. Then the Corrins and  the Magicians argued and argued.Before the day was over Corrins and Magicians went seperate ways and live secretly in the human world. 50 years ago the schools were built, Corrins and Magicians next door schools.Invisible to the human eye.

The End

Without her ring any thing could happen! She searched all over the room but couldn't find the emerald treasure anywhere. She walked back to Noels room with a grim expression. Once she spilled it to the group she almost cried throughout her story! She tried to cheer up by playing her best at the game. Then Chika gave a sudden exclaimation. "Remember when Lena had her Pearl necklace stolen?' Chika didn't wait for a reply and so she continued "There was a message left for her." This time Chika got a surprise.Everyone got up and raced towards the 6 graders dorm.

"Hey,wait for me!"Shouted Chika running after them.After a thorough search they we're knew there was no message left. A sudden idea pooped into Toki's head.She grabbed the bow the ring had been sitting in.She carefully took out the cushion.

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