Tokyo High Magic Academy

As Toki,Mizuki and Chika help Yuki find out who is graffiting on the year ten's dorm wall, they find themselves looking into two other problems.


9. Graffiti!

"Wake up!Now!Something important!"shouted Noel as Yuki supported her.Nothing happened except for Mizuki turning over and Chika throwing her small cushion at Noel to stop her talking. Noel and Yuki went to each bed, threw he covers off and tugged their pillows.

Chika sat up to shout at them,but smacked her head on the top of Mizuki's bed and fell back into bed."Owwwwwww!"she mumbled.

When Yuki and Noel finally got the three young magicians to wake up and change out of their pyjamas, the led them into the year 10's dorm. On the dorm wall was graffiti in different colours. There wasn't anything in particular written on it just a mass of scribbles. As the time past by more and more magicians crowded the dorm. Two of the academy's janitors came and washed away the graffiti so everyone would go back to their rooms. Chika, Toki and Mizuki went with Yuki and Noel to their room. For one full our the played 'Tokyo Pop' and 'Magician's Secret', trying to get there mind off the Graffiti. Chika decided to wash her face for a refreshment. She walked to the bathroom and found graffiti on the mirror!

She relised there was the same symbol at the bottom right corner  as on the other graffiti. She called to the other magicians. They all squished up in the bathroom. Chika pointed to the symbol. It was a fancy 'L' in a medium sized star next to a flying broomstick. Noel went to get a old rag from the storage cupboard. It was locked so she summoned a skeleton key*. She bounced her way back to the bathroom. As soon as they washed it off Toki went to get her favourite game'Sourcer Soul' from under her bed.

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