Tokyo High Magic Academy

As Toki,Mizuki and Chika help Yuki find out who is graffiting on the year ten's dorm wall, they find themselves looking into two other problems.


5. Fun Festival

As they turned around the corner, they heard laughter and screams. Mizuki spotted a roller coaster and pointed to it.

"Yuki can we please go on it!  Come on, Noelle you agree with me right?" pleaded Mizuki.

A purple tent with yellow moons got Chika's attention. Without saying a word she ran inside. It was only when Toki,Mizuki,Yuki and Noelle got to the candyfloss stand that they relised Chika was missing.

"Thats unusual. She normally stays with us at all times no matter what." said Yuki. As higher grade students, Yuki and Noelle were allowed to summon 'Kiko' the wolf. Kiko could help find things or people and protect its summoner. Toki gave Kiko a handkerchief that Chika had embroided for Toki's birthday present. Since it was only given three days,through mail, she hadn't used it yet. The dark blue wolf sniffed it and lead the way to the tent Chika ran into.

Kiko suddenly disappeared into red sparkles. They entered the tent. They saw Chika sitting in a chair talking to a lady wrapped in a purple clothe and wearing very long earrings. Chika gave some coins to the lady but she said she didn't need it. Chika smiled and thanked the lady. Toki and Mizuki crept up to Chika and scared her, making her knock over a little bottle that was sitting on the table. Purple powder spilled all over Toki, Mizuki and Chika. "ACHOOOO!" sneezed Chika.

When they entered school everyone stared and laughed at them. When they got to their room, Mizuki showered while Toki washed her face.Chika,not caring at all,sat and read her book until the bathroom was free.







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