Tokyo High Magic Academy

As Toki,Mizuki and Chika help Yuki find out who is graffiting on the year ten's dorm wall, they find themselves looking into two other problems.


3. First day of school

Toki was the first to wake up at the sound of her alarm. Once she had finished showering, brushing and combing, Mizuki had woken up. Toki wondered why Chika was taking so long to wake up. When Mizuki threw the covers off her bed, she saw Chika's book laying on her stomach. She held up the book to Toki. Toki gave her an evil grin.

Toki and Mizuki quickly got dressed. Then each of them stood at either side of the bed. The both started tickling Chika non-stop. Chika laughed like crazy. She put her hands in a pose of surrender. She walked sleepily towards the bathroom. Toki layed Chika's clothes on her bed while Mizuki packed Chika's bag.

Together they walked to their home room. When they entered, there were paper planes with voilet sparkles flowing from the paper engine. Toki, Mizuki and Chika chose seats next to each other. The talked until Miss Laura stepped inside the classroom.

It was dead silence as planes stood in mid air flying back to their owners. Miss Luara gave everyone a warm smile as she dropped her books on to the table.

"Timetables" she said and the student diaries that she was holding hovered towards their owner. Immediately everyone opened the books to look at the timetables for the whole year while chattering to their friends. Mizuki jumped for joy when she saw that her first class everyday would be 'DRAMA'. Toki pretended to hit an imaginary baseball with a bat when she saw she had 'SPORT' first everyday. Chika closed her eyes and opened her diary and opened one eye.

"YESSSS!!!!!" she screamed causing everyone to stare at her. But she didn't care she had "MAGIC BOOK READING" first for the rest of her school days this year!

The bell rang for everyone to go to their first lessons.

The rest of the day went by quickly.The bad thing about Toki, Chika and Mizuki's day was that they never had any lessons together. But when eating time came, they all met up and ate together at the Cherry Blossom Tree(aka CBT).

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