Tokyo High Magic Academy

As Toki,Mizuki and Chika help Yuki find out who is graffiting on the year ten's dorm wall, they find themselves looking into two other problems.


2. First day back

Toki Anato sighed once again as the car that pulled in through the gates of Tokyo High Magic Academy wasn't one owned by one of her best friends. She leaned againsted the smooth bark of her favourite cherry blossom tree. She looked at her older sister Yuki. She was talking to Noelle Mitsuki as she hadn't seen her in ages. The truth is that Noelle stayed at the Anato family's house for the whole of the holidays.

"Toki! Toki!" yelled a familiar voice. Toki whipped her head around to see Mizuki Fureta  running up to her. Mizuki's dark brown curly hair bobbing up and down as she ran. Toki looked at her own her. It was straight black hair with a red bow clip at her fringe. Mizuki flung her bag towards the ground sat down next to Toki. They talked and talked about there holidays, not relising Chika tiptoeing behind Mizuki. When at last Toki spotted her, Chika put her finger to her lips. Toki nodded, pretending to nod at Mizuki.

"BOOO!!" shouted Chika. Mizuki screamed her head off. Chika and Toki were rolling on the ground, laughing until tears sprang out of their eyes. Mizuki gave Chika a playful shove.

Toki noticed a Mizu Tsukashima,a girl in their dorm, looking at them enviously. Whe Mizu saw Toki staring at her she rushed inside the huge building of the academy.

Toki decided to ingnore her as she and her friends walked to their dorm. The three of the went to the main room. On a wooden table covered with a purple cloth decorated with yellow half moons, sat a blue crystal ball with swirls of purple. Once rubbed the crystal ball revealed the person's room. 

There were 2 dorms at TH Magic Academy. The Tigers and The Blossoms. Tigers was the boys dorm and Blossoms was the girls dorm. Each dorm had 12 sections for each twelve grades.

Chika rubbed the crystal ball and in golden letters, it said room 6N. Chika stepped aside as Mizuki rubbed the crystal ball. Again in golden letters it said 6N. She high-fived Chika and stepped away. Toki,closing her eyes, rubbed the crystal ball. 6N!

"YES!!" she shouted, jumping for joy. The walked to the door saying'YEAR 6 ROOMS' they swung open the doors and skipped happily towards 6N. There was one bunk bed and a single bed a few centimetres away from it. Mizuki made dash up the ladder and onto the top bunk Chika rolled around on the bottom. Toki jumped up and down on the single bed. In mid jump a teacher popped her head round the door.

"Before you do anything you all have to, Brush your teeth, comb your hair and shower. okay?" she said. A chorus of okays came from the girls.

They each looked at each other and then ran at top speed to their joined bathroom.

Chika, who was the most organised one, made up a timetable. Chika brushes her teeth while Mizuki showers and Toki combs her hair. Then they switch. Mizuki, holding extra clothes, drew the curtain around the shower. Chika set her phone to 5 minutes and pressed 'GO'. When everyone heard the beep of the phone, they started.

After the rotation Chika pulled out a book from her bag and layed on her back. As the book floated in air and Chika moving her finger from right left to turn the page, Toki made a dart board float. Mizuki clicking through her Mp3 to find the perfect song. When she did she connected them to her 'HELLO KITTY!' speakers. She pulled out tops, skirts, jeans, shorts, tank tops and tights. Mizuki changed in the bathroom and came out, walking like a fashion model. Chika looked up from her book and Chika stopped throwing darts. The spent the rest of their time trying on outfits until they had picked out the perfect outfits for tomorrow(their first day of school). When a teacher rang the bell for sleep time, the girls quickly hung their clothes in their cupboard and got in to bed. 
























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