Tokyo High Magic Academy

As Toki,Mizuki and Chika help Yuki find out who is graffiting on the year ten's dorm wall, they find themselves looking into two other problems.


8. A Successful Birthday

After school while Chika was in Mizu's room,Toki and Mizuki planned Chika's birthday party carefully. They were very lucky, because Chika's birthday was on a Saturday.

They finished their planning just before Chika came back. While Chika was in the bathroom, Toki and Mizuki went to the shops to search for the perfect birthday present. When they bought they went to the gift wrapping shop. They both chose a gift box and some wrap. While the man behind the counter wrapped their presents, the two girls looked for gift tags. They paid for their purchases and ran back to the academy.

Mizuki made it invisible and Toki put it under her bed. The door to the bathroom opened and Toki sat on her bed and she started talking to Mizuki.

While they were in bed all three girls couldn't wait for tomorrow. When finally Toki's alarm rang, they all woke up quickly.

Toki and Mizuki's plan was to start at 2:00pm. Until then Chika spent the rest of her time in Mizu's room. Toki and Mizuki ran over the plan again not leaving out a single detail.

Once they heard footsteps coming towards their room Toki and Mizuki threw themselves under Chika's bed.Chika stepped through the door and shut behind her.Toki,using her magic skills,locked the door.The first thing that Chika noticed was a huge hairy spider in the middle of the room. Chika wanted to ran out of the door,but ,unual for Chika,it was locked.

Chika carefully made a beeline for the bathroom.Mizuki moved her fingers to control the spider so Chika wouldn't be suspicous. Chika ,scared half to death, was in the bathroom just as the other two had planned. Mizuki and Toki set up the room so it looked just right for a birthday. Streamers and balloons flew everywhere but in the middle of it all stood a big banner saying: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIKA!!!

Toki and Mizuki opened the door and pretended that they just came in. Chika hearing no screams opened the door a little and so no spider. When she opened the door fully Toki and Mizuki shouted out"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIKA!!"

Chika couldn't help but grin.Mizuki pushed Chika towards Toki's bed and made her sit down while Toki pulled the put the presents. She made them visible and handed them over to Chika.

The first present she opened was Toki's. The gift was covered in plain pink protected by a yellow and oranged dotted box. She ripped off the wrap and opened her mouth in shock. For Toki and Mizuki it definately wasn't the ideal present but knowing Chika,they knew she would love it. It was 3 Maria Thorne books. The book Chika was reading now was 'Maria Thorne and the Mystery of the Red Dove'. Toki gave her'Maria Thorne and the Stolen Silverstar'; 'Maria Thorne and the Impossible Grand Theft part 1'; Maria Thorn and the Impossible Grand Theft part 2' Chika couldn't believe it. Chika could never find this in any bookstore or library. She didn't ask where they got it from because she was already opening the 'Hello Kitty box which was Mizuki's present.

Inside was a parcel carefully wrapped in blue and green swirled paper. She teared the parcel open and there lied some more books. 'Maria Thorne and the Terrifying Trip'; 'Maria Thorne and the Impossible Grand Theft part 3'; 'Maria Thorne and the Impossible Grand Theft part 4'.

Chika hugged them both and exclaimed'Thank you!Today was the best birthday ever!". Toki and Mizuki looked at each other and gve a teasing smile.

"I thought you said we weren't your friends anymore?"said Mizuki trying to look high and almighty. "Isn't Mizu a better friend then both of us combined?"added Toki.

Chika played along."Yeah I guess she still is because she wouldn't have pointed that out...MEANIES!!!".They all grinned at eachother and hugged.

Just then Mizu opened the door and looked with jealousy at them. She shut the door and all of them laughed, clearly thinking Best Birthday Ever!


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