Louis love

Louis and Jane fell in love at first sight ,but with hate and a hard life can she make it?


3. Young love

I had been woken up by my mom screaming into the phone.
"NO ......NO ......WELL FINE THEN ILL SEE YOU IN COURT!"she yelled. I just rolled over and buried my face into my pillow. I looked up to see what time it was and it was 930. I just kinda laid there and realized I kissed Louis on the cheek last night. I smiled to my self. As I just sat there I got a txt from Louis.
*goood morning :)*i smiled as I saw his txt.
*and a fine day to you sir*i replied. I rolled out of bed and hopped in the shower. When I got out I saw my phone had gone off again.
*wanna go to the beach today?*he said. With that tx I slipped into my bikini and threw on some shorts and a tank top.
*im ready when you are *i texted him. I walked down stairs to see my mom looking at papers.
"Everything ok ?"I asked her. She took in a deep breath.
"Um yeah. You goin out today?"she smiled to me. I knew she was covering up her emotions. I felt my phone vibrate.
"Yeah goin to the beach with a friend"I said while grabbing my phone. It was Lou.
*ok ill be there soon because it takes a while to get there. * with that I grabbed a beach towl and bag.
"Stay safe "my mom said kissing my cheek.
"Will do love you!"I said slipping on my flip flops and wating out side.
It didn't take to long for Louis to come. He pulled up and got out.like a gentleman he opened the passenger door for me. I got in and we drove off.
"So what do you wanna talk about. It's gonna be a long ride. "He said. I thought.
"I don't know. "I said with a laugh. I never really had these kind of conversations with a boy before.
"Well lets hear about you. What was your life like?"he smiled.i lowered my head. I had to tell him sooner or later.
"Well I've been bullied my whole life. My only friends are you and grace. "I said quietly. He just sat there with his jaw dropped.
"Why would people bully an amazing beautiful girl like you?"he said. I blushed.
"You think I'm beautiful?"I smiled. Louis looked confused.
"Why of course I do!i bet other people do too!"he protested. I blushed even more.
"Everyone said I'm ugly and a whore. "I pouted.
"WHAT?!your a virgin!!wait you are a virgin right?"he joked. I laughed.
"Of course I am!"I giggled. I couldn't believe it. The first boy in history thought I was beautiful.

Hey guys! Sorry this chapter was so short and I haven't been writing as much. I've been busy and I've been writing stuff on wattpad. The two books are called too far along and forever in love. Please read them!!!i will post chapter4 very very soon I promis!!!! Thanks for reading !!!!!! <3
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