Louis love

Louis and Jane fell in love at first sight ,but with hate and a hard life can she make it?


4. Scary problems

The car ride to the beach was amazing. We talked so much. It was a new experience for me. I've never talked with boys but I think I did pretty well. We arrived at the beach. It was wonderful and warm. I've never seen anything so blue. We got out of the car and I stepped onto the warm sand. We found I nice spot in the VIP section so no more girls crowd us.

While Louis set down the blanket i took off my top then my shorts.Louis stopped in his tracks and stared at me.

"what?" i asked him. He smiled and shook his head.

" your just so beautiful"he said while undoing the umbrella. While he set up our spot i took out the food and put sun screen on.I looked up to find him quickly look away from me.I just giggled and carried on.

" you wanna get in?"he asked taking off his shirt. Now it was me staring. His abbs were so defined and he barely had chest hair. He had pretty big biceps and he was also pretty tan.

"well?" he said again. I snapped out of my trance and came back.

"oh uh yeah." I followed Louis into the water but couldn't help but notice a guy staring at me. I also looked at him and met his eyes. He smirked and continued to watch me.I was pulled away from my stare when I felt Louis grab my hand.

" Lets go slow poke!" he joked throwing me over his shoulder.

"LOUIS" i yelled in shock.

without even letting me protest he threw me in the water. The icy water hit my skin and i instantly flipped .I popped back up out of the water and screamed.

"oh I'm gonna kill you!'I giggled.

"oh no your not ", he said grabbing me by me waist and spun me around. I smack his arms in attempt to getting released.He did so and I jumped on his back.We both laughed and giggled but soon calmed down.As I rested on his back and he stood i kissed his cheek.

"you keep missing"i heard him quietly giggle.

"what was that?"i Teased him.

"nothing it was nothing"he giggled.we got out of the water and he carried us to the blanket.

"food mademoiselle?"He held up the picnic basket.

" of course Monsieur. But I'll be right back", I said standing up. I slid on my shorts and tanktop and grabbed my phone.

"where are you going?"he asked me with a big lip.

"just to the bathroom"i smiled.

I walked up to the food shack and asked where it was.It was behind the shack in the weird alley way behind a big building. It was dark and sketchy.I went in and the bathroom was a very tropical theme. It wasn't dirty and smelt like wild flowers.i did my stuff and began to walk out. As I was about to walk around the corner an hand grabbed my arm and ripped me back. I fell to the ground in the lifeless alley. Right away I knew it wasn't Louis. I looked up at the man and it was the guy who was starring at me. He was young and handsome but nothing that I would go for. "Lay down"he said through his teeth. I wanted to scream but just couldn't. He put his hand over my mouth. I kicked with all my might "Stop it bitch"he whisper screamed. "You scream you die"he said. I started to cry. "Please don't hurt me"I said through my tears. He was about to speak again but I punched him. It did nothing. He was like metal. I kept kicking and thrashing around. Then something hit my head. He hit me with something metal and my vision went blurry.my body went limp and numb. The last thing I saw was him taking off my clothes ********************************************************************** I woke up and saw him still on top of me. I couldn't feel anything but I saw blood. I saw him get off of me and walk away. I couldn't move. I used everything in my power to grab my shorts. I took out my phone. I couldn't really read it because my blurry vision. I clicked on Louis and it began to ring. "Hey where are you?"he answered. "Louis I .......I ......bathroom......raped"was all I managed to say before passing out again. I couldn't believe it I was rapped. I felt so dirty. I lost my virginity. To a rapist. I woke up to Louis shaking me. "Jane Jane are you ok?!"he said shaking me.louis put a blanket over me but I was still on the ground "Louis"I whispered in a raspy voice. "Thank god your alive"he said hugging me.


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