Louis love

Louis and Jane fell in love at first sight ,but with hate and a hard life can she make it?


5. recovering

Louis held me close to his chest.

"thank god your alive" he whispered to me. I could hear him begin to cry.

I tried lifting my arm to touch his face and let him know its ok but i didnt have enough energy. As I looked around my vision came back to me.I could make out Louis's face.As i heard the sirens get closer I knew everything would be alright.

Louis cradled me and rocked back and forth.

"Truly madly deeply i am foolishly completely fallin and some how you kicked all my walls in so baby say you always keep me truly madly crazy deeply in love with you" he whispered to me.His voice was familiar. It was comforting. As he kept singing my pain went from worse to numb.  It felt like I was dieing.

I looked up at the street and saw red and blue lights flashing. Thank god.

Louis turned around and yelled to the lights thinking people would here him.

"over here!shes over here!" he yelled over and over again. His chest rumbling against my head. I could here the running of the paramedics and police officers get closer.


A/N please listen to Look After You but listen to the cover louis does.


As the paramedics ripped me out of Louis arms I looked at him. He was a wreck. His face and eyes were red. He had a river of tears flowing from each eye. He was sobbing uncontrollably. But as I looked at him all I could hear was Look after you. But in his voice.I knew it was familiar! I met Louis when he was in the x factor! Now I know! I remember I had back stage passes and totally freaked when I met him. But after the harassment I stopped watching.

I slightly smiled at that thought. I knew Louis and he knew me.

The men put me on a stretcher.They were kind of rough. They grabbed my arm pretty hard and I let out a yelp.

"STOP YOUR HURTING HER!" Louis yelled at them. I've never heard him like that. 

The men stopped. I shifted my head to look at Louis.He walked over and pushed pass the men. Louis took me from them and gently place me on the stretcher.

"don't worry i wont let you get hurt any more today" Louis said. His voice cracked.

As the wheeled me into the ambulance Louis began to follow but a police officer stopped him.

"sorry sir we're gonna need you to answer some questions." he said to him. I looked at Louis with fear.

" It's ....It's ok I'll be there as soon as I can you'll be ok." he said to me. All I could do was give a small nod.

As they closed the doors I could see Louis begin to talk to the officer. 

When we began to drive away they stuck an IV in my arm. I winced a little but the pinch soon vanished.

They began to take the towel off of me but I protested.

"wha what are you doing?" I asked trying not to puke from the nausea. The two paramedics looked at each other.

" cleaning you up." one said. But I shook my head.

" I want a woman to do that which you are not." I said to them. They rooled their eyes and put the towel back on me.

All they could really do was clean up my head wound which hurt ... a lot.



We arrived at the hospital and I was instantly wheeled in and put in the ER.

As they looked for a doctor on duty nurses rushed in and out asking me questions and taking blood.

It felt like 3 hours. I needed Louis. I needed him here.

As they began to clean me up I felt so violated. I felt ruined. So many people have seen my body. I was saving my virginity for that one guy. The true one that loved me.

When the nurses were done they put a hospital gown on me. It felt like paper and didnt feel well against my aching body.

Then I saw the doctor walk in and I knew what was gonna happen.

"Hi Ariel we just need to collect DNA from your vagina to use as evidence. We also need you to sign this paper saying we can release the evidence to the police." she said with a smile on her face. I knew she was just trying to be friendly but I wasn't so thrilled. 

I nodded. I took the paper and pen from her hand and signed the paper. When I handed her back t\he paper she wheeled to the foot of my bed and put on rubber cloves.

" I'm gonna need you to bend your knees and spread your legs" she said grabbing a really long cotton swab. I did as she requested and closed my eyes.

Shes the 5th person to see my body..... great.

As she stuck the cotton swab inside me I squeezed my eyes shut and balled my hands into fists.

It wasn't exactly comfortable.

I know she was trying to be fast because she saw my reaction. When she finished I quickly closed my legs and let out a breath. I pulled the covers on top of me and sat there. 

But suddenly I started to cry. I just wanted Louis. Not my Mom not  Grace. Just Louis.

I laid there for what seemed like hours. Just staring at the ceiling thinking about what just happened. I experienced true fear. It was so unreal.

As I laid there I heard running coming from down the hall. The running stopped at my door and Louis burst through.

"Jane , Jane oh my god are you ok?!"Louis said running over to me. As soon as he reached me he wrapped his arms around me.

"Louis you here", I said beginning to cry into his shoulders. He rubbed my back.

" Yes I'm here I'm here it's ok" he whispered . We pulled away from our hug and he saw the tears still streaming down my face. He tried wiping them away but they soon came back.

" It's ok I told them what happened" he said but i shook my head.

" from your point of view. I saw the guy " I said to him. He pulled up a chair and sat right next to me.

" I know, when you get out they need you to go down to the station" he said holding my hand. I nodded and rested my haid on the pillow.


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