Louis love

Louis and Jane fell in love at first sight ,but with hate and a hard life can she make it?


1. Love at first sight

I woke up again with another head ache. I've been crying all night because I've been bullied my whole life. I don't dare tell my parents because they're going through a divorce and it will only make things worse.
My names Jane wade. No I'm not related to dwane wade. I have super straight blond hair that I can't do anything with. I have these weird and ugly blue greenish eyes. I hate myself and I can see why everyone else does. I only have one friend and her name is grace. She has brown curly hair and a hazel almost brown eyes. We've hung out everyday this summer sense the end of school ended. My birthday birthday was two months away and I would be 19. I live in Doncaster,England but haven't lived her for my whole life. I just moved out here from America because if my parents divorce, so I live with my mom and miss my dad terribly.
But because I already knew grace I was comfortable and I just needed to get away from my classmates who bullied me.
As I rolled out of bed I took a shower and when I got out I braided my hair to the side. I did my make up and put on red shorts a plain white tee with white vans. I grabbed my phone and looked at it. I had gotten a txt from grace.
*hey wanna go to the movies today?*
*sure ill meet y there in a few*
I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my wallet. As I went downstairs I saw my mom doing laundry.
"Hi Hun got plans today?"she asked looking up.
"Uh yeah just going with grace to the movies maybe to the coffee shop after. "I replied grabbing an apple.
"Ok but Jane I heard you crying last night"she said sounding very concerned.
"Oh uh"I began to say.
"Sweetie is there something going on?"she asked me.
I had to lie. "I just hurt myself I'm ok now I promise"I said with a fake smile. She nodded.
"You know you can tell me anything. Now go have fun. "She kissed my head.
I walked out the door and realized it was a beautiful warm day so I decided I would walk instead of driving. As I got closed to the theater I wasn't laying attention to where I was going because I was playing on my phone and I bumped into a boy and I fell over. I hit my head on the side walk and held my hand over where I was hurt. I felt blood and began to panic. I looked up at the boy I bumped into and he was beautiful. He had brown hair and Gorges blue eyes. His smile was breath taking and spoke with ease.
"Oh no are you alright I'm so sorry -oh no your bleeding "he said kneeling down to me. I was to mesmerized with him I couldn't speak.
He helped me up and looked at my head. Then I finally spoke.
"It wasn't your fault I was on my phone. "I admitted. He just shook his head.
"No it was my fault here let me help you walk. Where were you going?"he smiled to me. I grinned.
"Finally a gentleman"I joked. He laughed.
"My names Louis how about you?"he asked me.
"Jane "I replied. A smirk spread across his face.
"Like Jane doe ?"he chuckled. I smiled
"Like Jane doe "I giggled back. He took my arm and we started to walk in my original direction.
"So where did you say you we're going?"he asked me.
"To the cinema with my friend "I explained to him.
"Well I know we just met but mind if I join?"he asked me with a smile.
"Not at all "I smiled back.
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