Louis love

Louis and Jane fell in love at first sight ,but with hate and a hard life can she make it?


2. A new friend

As Louis walked us to the cinema we talked and I found out a lot about him. He's REALLY funny and loves carrots and superman. He's a really nice boy and actually treated me like a person. I couldn't help but smile like an idiot and laugh at every joke he made. Maybe that's one of the reasons people hated me so much. The fact that I was a dork bothered me a lot. But louis didn't seem to mind.
As we arrived to the theater I saw grace standing outside. She gave me a confused look like egos that boy holding your arm.
"Jane?!what happened to your head?!"she yelled as she ran over to me
"Grace I'm fine I just fell over and hit my head oh by the way this is Louis. "I smiled as I pointed to him. She gave him a glare.
"Did you cause this"she asked him with anger. He was about to reply so I budded in.
"Grace it wasn't his fault I wasn't paying attention I was on my phone. "I tried to explain. Grace was always protective of me knowing my past.
She just nodded and we went inside.
"Lou can you go get us seats while we go in the toilet to wash the blood off?"I asked him. I didn't realize I just called him Lou. I felt like I could trust him. It felt like he was my best friend.
As we walked into the toilets grace slammed the door and locked it.
"What we're you thinking?!"she yelled as she wetted some paper towels.
"What do you mean?"I said wincing as she pressed the towel to my head.
"Just running into a strange boy and now he's joining us to the film?!"she yelled again.
"Why are you mad at me?!"I yelled back. She lowered her head.
"I just don't want you to get hurt I just can't see you in pain anymore. "She looked like she was about to cry.
"Grace I won't be hurt just think he's the first boy at least first person to talk to me and not hate me"I said putting my hand on her shoulder. She nodded and finished working on my head. As we walked out i couldn't help but get excited to sit with Louis in the theater.
We walked into the theater and saw Louis in the middle of the third row. There was only a few other people there so it was quiet. I sat down next to Louis and grace sat down next to me so I was in between both of them.
"How is your head?"he asked me. I could tell he felt bad.
"It's alright no major damage. "I joked. He laughed too.
"Once again I'm really sorry Gracie"he said. I guessed he decided to nickname me too.
"Hey it's fine. "I reassured him. I looked over to grace and she just smiled to me.
Throughout the movie I could feel Louis staring at me. I would look over to him and he would quickly look away. I just quietly giggled. I felt grace nudge my knee.i whipped my head around.
"He keeps staring at you. "She smiled. I also smiled and nodded.
"Oh I know. "I smirked to her.
When the movie ended we all went to the coffee shop down the street. Grace was about to sit down when she jolted up.
"Oh crap I uh forgot I need to um babysit yeah I need to babysit. "She said while winking at me. Louis stood up at stuck his hand out.
"Well it was such a pleasure meeting you grace. "He said with a smile. She shook his hand and nodded and replied with a nice to meet u too.
"I'll txt you later "I said annoyed. Louis sat back down when she walked out. Then the waitress came over. As she as she saw Louis she started acting weird.
"H-hi Louis "she was shaking.
"Hello "he said politely.
"What can I get you?"she had a huge smile on her face.
"I'll have tea with milk no sugar. "I said plainly. Louis turned his head to me with a giant smile.
"I'll have the same."he said. She nodded with a smile and walked away.
I heard my twitter alert me and I didn't dare look at it. I slowly pulled it out of my pocket and put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from crying in public let alone Louis. It was just more and more tweets from people. I felt the years start to build up.
"What's wrong ?"Louis asked me. I couldn't let him see my cry. I started to bawl so I slammed my phone on the table and ran to the bathroom.
"Jane!"I heard him call but I just ignored him. I closed the door behind my and sat against it just letting myself cry. I couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried. I stated coughing and gagging because of crying so hard. I didn't know why people hated me.
After about 10mins I finally stopped. I went over to the sink and wiped away the mascara on my cheeks. I opened to door and saw Louis standing in front of me with my phone. He saw my red nose and eyes. He hugged me. I didn't hold back. I didn't care if I just met him I hugged him back. I needed someone to hold me and tell my I was ganna be ok. We stayed like that for a min or two and I felt better.
"I don't know why people would treat you like that. "He began to say. I lowered my head but he picked it up. "Jane you so beautiful and you such a wonderful person. Don't let them tell you lies."he looked into my eyes. I felt safe and like I could open my heart to him. We went and sat back down but he sat right next to me. He took my phone and put it in his pocket so I could read the tweets.
The waitress came with our drinks and she kept smiling at him.
"I'm sorry I don't want to be rude but do you guys know each other?"I asked the both of them. Louis was about to explain but she butted in.
"He Louis Tomlinson the one and only!he in one direction!they're like super famous don't you know who they are?!?"she was over excited. I was in shock.
I never really liked boy bands the only boy band I like are the Beatles. I would never had guessed that Louis was famous.
He gave he his autograph and we began to sip our tea in silence.
"Please don't treat me any different. "He said sadly. I shook my head.
"Lou I don't care that your famous. I like you for you not you status. "I said but he smiled. Oh shit I had just said I liked him. I mean I guess I do but I just didn't want him to know.
I blushed at what I just said.
"It's alright I like you too. "He scooted closer to me.
After talking for a really long time Louis decided he would walk me home.
"Here's my number "I smiled and game him a piece of paper with my number on it.
"Just call me or shoot me a txt I'm free when ever. "I smiled to him.
"Ok and if you need anybody or just someone to Hug again just let me know cause I'm here for you. "He said I kissed him on the cheek.
"Night Lou "I smiled.
"Night Janie. "He smiled and started to blush.
I went inside and got ready for bed as soon as I laid down I realized this will be the first night I don't cry myself to sleep. Thanks to the one and only Louis Tomlinson.
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