The back story for this piece is simple. I have suffered with mental illness (or as the 'politically correct' would say, "mental health issues".) since about the age of 7/8yrs old. This is certainly the time when I started hearing voices. They've never gone away or been suppressed by medications etc. and whether I'm at home doing the housework, taking a shower or watching the telly they are constant. I don't have to be totally looney or sectioned and in hospital to be hearing them. They are constant companions regardless. For the main part, I can kinda switch off to them. (Like you would be able to chat to a friend with the TV on in the background. You can hear it but you're not listening to it. Hope that makes some sense. Anyway......


1. Chapter one.


F**k the constant voices
That go on inside my head
When awake, asleep, happy, sad
And probably when I'm dead!

They ain't real bad to start with
But they then become a pain
And tho' sometimes they whisper
They're soon back screaming again.

F**k them for all the venom
The ridicule, the spite
Their certainty that I am wrong
And that they are always right.

I never want to listen
To things they sometimes say
F**k them all for hurting me
Please make them go away.
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