The Odds of Everything




Harry's POV:

"So. Did you go apologize? you were gone an awfully long time" said louis

"yes i did. and just like the bitch i said she was, she didnt forgive me"

"she didnt?" said liam 

"no.she didnt. she got all bitchy"

"well watd u say?"

"i said that i came to apologize"

"did you even ACTUALLY apologize?" said liam


Liam and louis just looked at me blankly.

"well..maybe she needs time?"

"i wasnt even mad at her, i talked to her nicely, idk..she just. freaked and told me to leave quickly. she practiclly yelled at me"

"idk mate. idk." said liam coming to my and patting me on the back.

"im gna go to bed"

"ok" said louis and liam

and i left to my room.

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