The Odds of Everything



Harrys POV:

The next morning i awoke to the sound of laughter and chaos.

i got up groggily and put on some clothes.

i did sleep naked after all.


i went to my drawers and pulled out a plain v neck tee

as i was putting it on i swear i thought i heard the laughter of Kassie.

the thought of her brought back all the horrid things that had happened between us.

i hanged my head the the left and sighed.

should i apologize?

i then heard the laughter again.

i put on some pants and my shoes and walked out, not having a care in the world if my hair was a mess

as i made my way down the stairs i saw louis and kassie in the kitchen, kassie had pancake batter on her face and louis on his clothing.

what the bloody hell was going on?

they were laughing and chasing each other around the counter.

louis then catched up to her and grabbed her around the waist, twirling her in a circle.

she giggled.

why did this make me jealous?

i shook my head.

i watched for a bit and then go very uncomfortable.

i coughed then.

"am i interrupting something?" i said pissed off

louis and kassie? i honestly never saw that.

kassie looked at me and her eyes widened

" going to clean up" she said skimpering away

louis looked surprised too but then chuckled watching kassie almost trip the way to the bathroom, he then grabbed the nearest tissue and cleaned himself slowly.

not looking at me.

i walked up to him

"was i?" i said more sternly

"we were just making pancakes, relax harry" he said scowling. he turned away from me and grabbed the bowl that held the pancake batter, he began to clean it out in the sink.

"why do you have batter in your clothing?" i asked

he snapped his head towards me

"my god harry. we were just making pancakes and we got carried away! its none of your bloody business anyways!" he said clearly pissed off

i was pretty shocked. why was louis so mad?

"why are you going after kassie. i honestly never even saw it coming"

"HARRY WHY DO YOU CARE! you hate her anyways!"


"You clearly do."

"I DID."

"i dont understand why u care harry, unless u bloody fancy her" he muttered returning to what he was doing.

i didnt respond.

he quickly turned around

and he gasped.

"you do."


"your a horrid lier harry styles."

"am not"

"are too"

i scowled

"JUST STAY AWAY FROM HER" i yelled at him

"YOU DONT CLAIM HER JUST LIKE THAT, one minute you wish she'd "die" the next you love her? like what the hell harry! figure yourself out! and even if you do fancy her! SHE DOESNT DESERVE SOMEONE LIKE YOU"

"THEN WHO DOES SHE DESERVE!" i yelled at him

he didnt respond.

did he fancy her too?

"she doesnt need you harry" he said looking away from me, leaning on the counter

i gasped

" fancy her" i responded

"i....i...UGH" he scowled, "and?"

he did fancy her.

i was too shocked to reply.

"just fuck off harry." he said and walked away

but just before he turned the corner away from view distance

he turned his head towards me and whispered, "and if anything. she deserves me."

and he walked away.

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