The Odds of Everything



*Beep beep* "KASSIE COME ON LETS GO!" yelled my father. "SCHOOL'S ABOUT TO START"

"IM GOING, HOLD ON A SEC" i said as i struggled to grab my school
bag, put on my red-brown beanie, and stook my  foot in her other ugg. i raced down the stairs, grabbed a granola bar out of the counter and ran out of the house into my dads car

. "Let's goooo, im going to be laaaate and today there announcing the winner to the contest!!!" 

"what contest?" said my dad as he drove.

i him a blank stare and says "Really dad?"

How could he forget!

"we had a competition at school, you could sing, anything really, you just had to impress the judges, then they picked the most talented person and the winner will meet a famous celebrity and spend the week with them!!! DAADDD, "i whined. "I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS ALREADY" i said hitting his shoulder
"im sorry pumpkin i guess i didn't hear you when you did"
"obviously" i muttered.
"nothing dad, just please drive" and off they drove.

At school:

I was walking into school, and the first thing i see is janelle, eating of her stupid boyfriends face very much disgusted me, your probably curious why, to be honest well, i've never had much friends, i've usually been alone alot..most of my life i guess..i once had a best friend...that would be janelle, but when we entered high school..she became..idk..whats the 

word....well...she turned into a complete utterly skank. and she also thought i wasn't "cool" enough to hang with either..i didn't care much, i mean i will admit it did sting, we had been friends since we were 8, but people come and go, its not like i could stop her, she changed and i needed to show that i didnt care..atleast on the outside. 

Everytime i looked at her i just rememberd the times we would watch movies together or paint eachothers nails at eachothers house.. 

but today i didn't want anything to upset me, today the results for the contest are being announced..nobody was allowed to tell anyone what they did, but since this school is full of stupid rule breakers, everyone told everyone.

expect for!...i sung, but i kept that to myself..and no one knew i sung either way, i like to think i sing good, and my dad has told me i do, but idk maybe hes just being nice..well back to the topic.... i had sung and i was anxious to see who won, i was hoping it was me. 

i walked to my first period class, put down my things and just sat on my chair. waiting.

*5 min. later*

"ATTENTION STUDENTS, PLEASE GO TO THE AUDITORIUM, I REPEAT AUDITORIUM"...well..i better get going to the auditorium.

i got up, grabbed my bag and the auditorium.

as i walked to the auditorium i was so nervous and anxious,  they were about to announce the winner. the only thing tht crossed my mind was, 

kassie dont get in over your head, you probably lost! so dont get your hopes up!

once i got there, i quickly raced and took a seat upfront..always better being first. i thought.

i sat down and quickly after me other anxious students sat down.

Ms. Alexander than grabbed the mike and grunted. 

"Alright students, settle down and take a seat, so as you all know, a big handful of you auditioned for the contest on friday, each of you performed something your good at" the principal spoke." and also as you know we had judges. well the judges and i discussed this all through and we think we have a winner!'

"KASSIE VARGEZ!" mrs. alexander beamed

At first i wasnt sure if i heard them right.. I WON! out of like 300 people i won?
i didnt move at all, and i didnt even notice tht my mouth had flown open.

i finally realized after pinching myself tthat this wasnt a dream and got up, as i looked around i saw other astonished faces.

 "Kassie come on, come up on stage" said the principal said motioning her hand, to get on stage.

i then jumped on stage, i was so surprised, ME! i mean i REALLY wanted to win this, but i really thought i wouldn't have won!

Once i got settled on stage, a man, maybe in his late 30's came up to me. 

"Congratulations! you have won the contest, this year we are spicing things up though, you can not tell anyone what you did in your audition, at the end of the 2 months you wi-"

"2 MONTHS! i thought it was a week!" i exclaimed excitedly!

"Please Kassie, let Mr. Henderson continue" said the principal

all the students laughed. for a moment i forgot i was on stage.

i looked around and back to the man.

"sorry" i muttered

"so as i was saying, through out the 2 months, you will meet with a celebrity and at the end of those two months you will perform with the celebrity on X-factor"

The whole school gasped.

My mouth smiled so big, i dont think i could've smiled bigger.

"if you can please meet me during your lunch period, we will discuss the rest privately"

"okay! thank you so much for choosing me" 

"you deserved it" Mr. Henderson nodded once, said goodbye see you later and went of stage.

"Alright students please return to classes" the principal said once Mr.Henderson left

Everyone got up and left, but i just stayed on stage smiling like an idiot.

"that includes you Kassie" said the principal with a chuckle.

"oh sorry" i said with a red face.

"thats alright, i can see the excitment radiating off your face, haha, i cant wait to see you perform" .

"Thank you ms.alexander, that means alot and yes im very excited" i said with a chuckle.

"alright then i suppose you better run along now".

"yea i should, by Ms.A"

"goodbye now"

(3 periods later)

GAH! it was lunch time!..WAIT but he never told me where to meet him! oh gosh what if he never finds me and thinks i dont want this? what if they dont like me anymore? what if something happened to the celebrity! AHH! 

Kassie, calm down, just go to the main office! i said to myself

i breathed in and out and walked to the main office
the walk there i just saw eyes looking at me, some congragulating me, but others with jealousy and disgust..i ignored those and walked to the office with pride..i mean..I WON! 

once i got there, surely enough Mr. Henderson was there, he saw me nodded once and said "please come with me"

i looked at Ms. Alexander with worry

"go along now kassie, your going to meet someone"

"um..yea ok sorry.." and i walked off with Mr. H

We reached the back of the school, which was usually abandoned during school hours.. we exited out of the school and started walking to a bench..i saw someone on the bench, well make that 5 people.. I wasn't sure who they were..but i was very curious. they all looked like boys from the back.

"um...hello" i said awkardly..what else was i supposed to say.

"hello!" said a blonde haired boy.

"well hello there!" said a quirky boy.

"hello" said a mysterious boy with amazing hair

"hi!!" said a boy with a big smile.

and lasty a boy with very big curles in his hair.

"im niall!" said the blonde

"im louis!!" said the quirky one

"im zayn" said the mysterious one

"im liam" said the kinda nice one

and "im...harry..but you knew that" said the curly haired one, with a wink.

i looked at him confused.

"Well kassie" i heard mr. henderson say, i quickly looked at him, " im very sorry, but i have to run now, i know i said i would discuss things with you but i really need to run, Cher Lloyd is having some trouble, and i need to help, i trust these boys to keep you safe, i will see you maybe tomorrow, congrats again!" Mr.henderson said

"alright Mr.Henderson, uh..thanks" i said

"Behave boys." said mr. henderson before he left

"Joey!! you dont trust us or something? WE ARE MATURE ENOUGH! we can take ca- HEY LOOK ITS A BABY DUCK!" said louis, then all the other boys except harry turned around and stared with awe..harry just looked at me..with a wierd expression on his eyes.

his eyes glistened. he was very handsome.

wth kassie!

"yep, real mature" said Mr.Henderson with a chuckle and walked away.

"So.."i said akwardly "what are we going to do? i have about 25 minutes to kill before 5 period"

"oh no no no, your spending the DAY with us, we talked with your principal and she said its fine" said louis


"she did?"

"YEP!!!!!" said louis

"um ok whatever than," i said with an eye roll," then, lets go?" i said akwardly

"LETS GOO!" said louis 

thats wht i just said. w.e.

"yea.lets.go." i said annoyed

"someones bitchy." i heard harry whisper.

i rolled my eyes.

and here i thought he was cute. i bet hes the ass of this group.

"wait where are we supposed to be going?" i said

"ill get the car" said harry and walked away with his hands in his pockets.

and the rest of the boys looked at each other and said, "WERE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZZZZZ!"

i chuckled..maybe these boys werent soooo bad, except for harry though. i wasn't to fond of him.

once we got into the car and drove off, i then asked again, "um..exuse me but uh.. where are we going! i really really feel like any moment now were going to stop at an alley and your all going to rape me"

they all laughed histericlly..except harry. wierd.

"woahhh! your fit and all but honey your not myyy type!" said louis with a snap of his fingers

"yea i suppose, cause ya know....ive got the v where u prefer the p?" i said grinning

all the boys eyes widened except louis

all 3 boys burst out laughing, harry tried to hold it in, but really couldn't and louis looked confused

"wait what?"

liam then reached over and told him

"O!!!!! my gosh!" he looked fakely offended

"shes a keeper mate" said niall with a laugh

..he had a nice laugh..i preferably liked it

"hahaha, atleast you have a sense of humor tho, ms ole' swift didnt have any of that" said Zayn

thats when i noticed harry stiffen and grip his hand over the wheel

" really shouldnt.." said liam

"oh boy.." said niall and louis with a sigh

"crap. um im sorry harry i really didn't mean to say th-"

"Its.fine.zayn.just drop it." said harry sternly

i looked at them all with a confused look.

"uh..ok.." said zayn

zayn, liam, niall and louis switched glances and i just sat there, feeling left out.

the rest of the car ride was silent..and i STILL had no idea where i was going, what was happening, WHO these boys really were OR wat i was supposed to do.

*sigh* i just then decided to rest my head on the car window, and without noticing, i fell asleep.



"Kassie, kassie wake up..where here" said louis

i grunted like a baby dinosaur.."noooo, just leave me alone"

they all laughed, "come on kiddo" said liam

"dont call me that, im like 2 years younger than you"

"your stiil younger" said harry

"shutupp harry, your annoying" i tried saying sarcatsiclly but turned out more bitchy.

"watever bitch." said harry turning away.

"HARRY! EDWARD! STYLES" said louis, "apologize at once!"

"fuck of louis"harry said as he walked away

zayn, niall, and liam had a confused look on their face, same went for louis

"um, ok i guess we should go then.." i said

"um, yea lets go" said niall

"im so sorry for Harry's behavior , he doesnt naturally act like that" said liam walking with me

"yea! i dont know what his problem is!" said louis 

zayn and niall just nodded

"thanks guys, but its fine, im not upset" i said with a fake smile

and i guess louis saw right through it cause he gave me an sad look and hugged me

"um ahaha louis we've only met for a couple of hours"

"that doesn't mean i cant hug you" he said with a lazy grin

and then all the rest of the boys came and hugged me too

and throughout all the hugging, none of us realized harry had come back.

"well if you sissies are done, CAN WE GET TO LUNCH NOW!!" harry growled

"harry just calm down for godssake!" said louis, "what in bloody hell is your problem! your being an arse!"

harry just looked at him with anger and left, fists clenched at his sides


"so where are we going again?" i asked for the 3rd time

"Where going to lunch! were going to meet Uncle Si, and he will explain the details to you" said Niall as he walked up to me 

"uncle si?"

"Simon Cowell, hes like family to us"

"IM GOING TO MEET SIMON COWELL! do you know simon cowell? hes like famous"

Everyone stopped dead in there tracks, they all looked at me like i was an alien.


"you mean to tell us. uve been in the same car with us and u dont know who we are?" asked liam

"here we thought u were a very cool fan" said louis

"im sorry?" i said confused

"darling...were one direciton..." said zayn

one direction?

who was that. sounded familiar



"LANGUAGE!" said liam

i frowned.

"im not a baby liam"

"haha i know"

"rawr." i said back, "but i am a dino" i said grinning

"but guys..ur like famous!" i said to them

they all just smiled at me, niall laughed and messed up my hair.

"yea ik" said niall of them was my celebrity..OHHHH..

i finally understood.

everyone then continued to walk to the diner.

i was walking and thinking to myself.

i liked them all..they were nice. again..except for harry. idk wat his deal was.


we finally reached the restaurant and found harry sitting alone..looking at ME angrily.

like wtf?

and i wasnt the only one that noticed all the boys noticed too, they looked at harry and they looked at me, they looked at him and looked at me

i dont know what his deal was, but i wasnt going to get that mad..hes just pmsing..that all

i sighed and took a step towards the table

"DONT sit next to me" said harry

"um. i wasnt planning too but..uh..ok"

"omfg.harry.stop.this.nonsense." said louis

"mate, seriously what wrong" said zayn

"none of your bloody business!"

we all shut up and sat down, we ordered our food and waited for simon

"Hello boys and pretty girl" simon said with a wink

"hi UNCLE SI!!!!" said all the boys and hugged him, again except for harry

"hi Mr.Cowell" i said over my excitment

"please call me simon" said simon 

"haha ok"

We talked over the details and as it does turn out i had to sing with one of the boys, simon just had to hear me sing another song and he would choose which one of the boys i would perform with..and to be honest i wanted to be with harry..i wanted to give him hell.

i had to move into their apartment and live with them for 2 months..

"well i better hurry off now, i have an appointment to get too" said simon while he looked at his watch

"ok!" we all said it unision

"finish eating guys, see you later " he said with a smile

and with that he left

"so kassie, you exicted?"

"YES!!! so excited!" i said with a smile

"you look pretty when you smile, you have pearly whites" said niall

i blushed and niall returned the blush

"thanks, your so sweet"

"well you have to admit, it is true, even with that red tomato look" said louis

i laughed

"dont you agree harry?" said zayn with curiousity

"No, i disagree i think shes an ugly foul beast who can go fuck herself over and die" said harry

i blinked, and tears started forming

all of the boys jaws fell open

"um, i have to go to the bathroom, know what? ill get a cab, ill see you tomorrow"

and i ran out.


Harry's point of view, at the restaurant:

"dont you agree harry?" said zayn with curiousity

"No, i disagree i think shes an ugly foul beast who can go fuck herself over and die" 

Kassie blinked, and tears started forming in her eyes, it was very noticeable and for a moment i felt awful.

all of the boys jaws fell open..but i didnt care.she was a bitch and she deserved it. i smirked.

then kassie said "um, i have to go to the bathroom, know what? ill get a cab, ill see you tomorrow" and ran out.

"WHAT THE FUCK STYLES!" said niall
"what the bloody hell is your problem?" asked louis

"get the fuck off my case." i said


The rest of the boy looked at him with surprise..louis never raised his all..especially at me...i was astonished.

"Maybe you just want to fuck her, thats why your defending her" i replied angrily

and thats when i felt the punch right across my face


"you deserved that mate." said zayn

"you really need to relax" said niall, "idk what your problem is but chill out mate."

louis just walked away furiously, as long as the other boys. expect for liam he stayed back

"you should be ashamed harry! that was bullshit." said liam, liam the nice one..HE was yelling at me too. shit i messed up....but did i give a shit?....probably not.but i was still going to apologize because i really did not need my mates against me.


Kassie's POV:

i finally got home, and it just so happened that no one was home..good.

when i reached my room i just pummeled onto my bed and burst into tears.

No, i disagree i think shes an ugly foul beast who can go fuck herself over and die. WHO SAYS THAT TO SOMEONE. Did harry really dislike her that much.

..i felt useless and alone. like always.


It'd been a week since i'd seen Harry. i hadn't seen him at all all week. id seen the other boys but harry refused to see me, and  each day i was hoping that he'd come and apologize but he didnt.

i kept on seeing the rest of the boys, and i got a lot closer to them WE WERE supposed to be working on a song. but louis complained to Simon and moved the "2 months of work" to NEXT i had a whole month to just hang with them.

so like i was saying, i got closer and closer to them..louis then became like one of my best friends. he understood me..

i still went to school every day..and more and more people talked to me as if i was like an international popstar. 

i didn't give them my attention. 

they were never like this wen i was regular they don't deserve it..

i've gotten about 190 friend requests on if friending me would make them special.

some people were pathetic.

Zayn, Niall and Liam were some of my close buds too..but nothing like louis. louis was a saint, i loved him very much *friend wise*

but thing's have gotten tense between us..and i hated it.


"hey guys im headed out!" the boys were over my apartment, and i really didn't care if they stayed so it was fine with me to just leave.

"WAIT KASSIE WAIT!" said niall coming up to me eating popcorn.
"get me nando's?"

i laughed, "sure thing nialler" i said ruffing his hair

his eyes widened. 

"I LOVE YOU KASSIE!, see boys. why cant you be like tht?"

he said pointing to me

"cause ur fat"

"cause ur irish"

"cause we hate you"

they all just blurted out

niall turned red.

"GUYS DONT BE RUDE!" i exlaimed

they all grineed and apologized.

"ok im headed out ill be back in like 40 minutes..dont wreck my house!!!!" i warned

"wait kass!"said louis getting up, "where ya goin?"

"im going to see my friiiend alisa, i havent seen her in forever"

"can i pretty please with cherry on top come with you?"


"cause...theyre disgusting and annoying. and your pretty and smell nice"

i laughed out loud, "haha come on lou"

"SEEYA SUCKERRRS!" said louis

"LOSERRRR" the boys yelled as we headed out

"sooo where does this lisa live?" asked louis

"ALISA and she lives not so far from here, were almost there"

"if she's so close why havent you visited before?"

"cause she traveled to aussie for a year, and now she got back"


"yuP" i said popping the P

louis laughed

"wait can we go the park for a sec?" louis asked


"cause, i wanna show you something!"


"ill show you when we get there"

i looked at my watch



we headed to the park and got off

"come oon folllow me!"

" coming im coming"

louis ran and i tried to catch up but somwhere in the running i lost him...


i screamed


"did i scare you?"

"NO SHIT!" my heart was beating like a hummingbird

"hhaha sorry bout tht, but not really, NOW FOLLOW ME!" he said marching like a soldier

"were are we going?"

"just come on"

we finally got to the "location"

and damn was it beautiful

the night sky showed the stars, with the lamp posts around glimmering, benches adorned by artists.(idk why) and a big plain area

louis ran over and sat

i then sat next to him

"wow its beautiful"

louis didn't respond for a sec, i turned and saw him looking at me


"you really are beautiful" he grabbed me by the chin and his lips touched mine

his soft, amazing lips

i kissed back, until i realized..I WAS KISSING LOUIS!

"no..louis no" i said pushing him away

he looked hurt for a second. but the he gave me an understanding look

"yea i shouldn'"

i cut him off

"its fine louis..i just..i dont think im much for a bf right now" i said with guit

"i understand" we got up and walked to the car


*back to present*

after that night..things got pretty awkward....

i mean me and louis will always be bestie's, but i didnt know how to react after that.

we talked over the fone alot since that day but we hadnt seen eachother in person much.

we talked about alot of different things over the fone, but never about the kiss.

louis promised me harry would apologize..but i doubted it. 

i dont know why but harry had such an issue towards me...


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