Back For You

Ava had a relationship with Harry Styles all through the X factor and three years previous to that. But, when his career skyrocketed, they fell apart. The only way for her to deal with the pain of letting go , was to paint a bad picture of Harry in her mind and try and forget. When One Direction comes to Ava's mall for a signing she discoveres that fame can really change a person, but some old feelings are rising back up. Can Ava be what Harry needs to come back down to Earth?


4. Sky High

Ava had collapsed into my arms, a feeling that seemed all too familiar. I was sitting on the ground with my ex girlfriend / ex best friend from home sprawled out and her head in my lap. If this had been any other ex, I would have recoiled. But, since Ava was my best friend at once, before this whole girlfriend thing happened. I figured I owed her that much. Still, it didn’t change my feelings about how awkward it was. The shock from seeing Ava so... Vulnerable had wore off, and now I was just thinking of what to do. Courtney was my priority now, and that was my final decision.

"What do you want me to do..." I barely whispered in a monotone, not wanting my feelings to affect my words.

"Tell me you don't hate me," she faintly replied, and I’m pretty sure she was out.

I can’t imagine standing in the crowd of screaming girls all day, especially with the thoughts she must've had racing through her mind. But I replied anyways just in case she could hear me.

"Ava come on, I don’t hate you," I said, accentuating the word hate.

I studied her closely, something I used to be pretty good at. If anyone understood her, it was me. Ava was one of the best and worst things that has happened in my life.

"Harry I’m sorry, but we are leaving for Heathrow in twenty minutes. You need to meet the boys by the bus in ten. What do you want me to do with the girl?" The security guard said while glancing at Ava.

I didn’t like the way he addressed Ava as "the girl". Crap. What are we going to do with her? She can't go home in a state like this, and I didn’t really want her to. She never actually got what she came for, and I can’t have some pissed off girl telling the tabloids old stupid stories about me, I had enough of the pathetic rumors from Taylor. Ava seemed pretty upset earlier, and she had one thing over me that can’t get out. If Courtney found out, I would be done for. Psh Courtney, if anyone found out.

"Oh my gosh,” I sighed out in anger "I’ll pay for the girl, but she has to come with us on the flight, I’m not quite finished.”

"Sir, we are flying to California, a last minute first class ticket for an international flight will be outrageous. You're sure this can’t wait?" the guard said implying that it wouldn’t look very good if I brought a distraught girl on a flight with me.

Of course, not only am I paying for her to be with me when I don't even want her, but I’m stuck next to her for a good 10 hours.

"No it can't, now where's Louis?"


"Ow, my ears. Where the heck am I? What happened to harry?" I slurred out of my mouth. I've only ever felt like this once before, and that was when I was insanely hung over.

"You're ears are popping because we just took off, you're on a plane.  Nothing happened to me, I’m right here," a surprisingly arrogant voice replied to me and I knew it instantly.

"Where are we going?"

"California," Harry spat back.

California? Why on earth was i going to California with Harry. Well it seems the entire crew is here, so One Direction.

"You kinda either fell asleep, passed out, I don’t know what, back in London. You happened to catch me right at the time we were getting ready to leave for a short 10 city tour in the us. Starting in California," Harry said and I could tell he was annoyed. " I figured you weren't quite finished back there, seeing as you yelled at me for about five minutes and fell asleep. Now, you have a ten hour flight to talk to me, and thats the most you are probably going to see of me for a long time, if not ever again,"

He was speaking too fast and throwing too much information at me, I was trying hard to remember what happened at the signing. What was I going to do... I had ten hours, what did I want to get out of that.

I looked to my left and met his gaze. How did I let him go, he was my best friend. My screaming episode was coming back to me, but all those words had been true. In my head I was just buying time to straighten my mind out, but my heart was doing the actual speaking.  This scared me more than anything because I didn't trust Harry anymore. Not after the way he left me.

"Why do I have only ten hours,"

"Once We land in LA I will be busy with the shows, it's non-stop moving and every minute of my day is planned out. Any time I get to myself will be spent with Courtney, getting laid, or in a bar somewhere," Harry smirked and it made me wince.

The memories of our goodbye flooded my mind. I had tried so hard to pretend that didn't happen, and only think of the little boy from eighth grade who brought me flowers after my hamster died. But, he was making that very difficult.

What the heck happened these last 24 hours. I don't know how my body, let alone my brain could handle all of this.

"I can't believe I was so utterly stupid to come and see you. Silly me for thinking maybe it'd be nice to see you after so long. Maybe you've changed from that tail end of our relationship. Harry you don't know the courage that took, after what you did to me. That was one of the scariest things that's ever happened in my life, especially because it was you. Who was my best friend from preschool until you went and got all famous," I got out all in one breath and I prepared myself for the slap.


"No," I stated flatly.

"Come on babe, just drink it," Harry slurred.

I'd seen him mad before, but I'd never seen Harry mad and drunk at the same time. And for once I was actually scared of him.

His hand creeped up around my neck and grasped the hair at the nape of my neck tightly.

"You listen to me, I brought you here for a good time, I bought you this drink now DRINK IT. " he screamed.

I pulled away from his grip and slapped him straight across the face. Wasn't a good idea. Before I could react I saw his the palm of his hand and then everything went black.


"Why are you making that face Ava stop its creeping me out," was all I heard. There was no slapping noise.

"I was expecting... Never mind,"

"I will never be that guy again Ava. You can say I've changed all you want but it will always be true. I thought you were over this, we talked for a good five months after we broke up and for a short while it kind of felt like the old us. That is until you stopped talking to me"

"You're so one sided, yes I felt like I had the old is back. But, you were all caught up in the moment with you band, and I wasn't going to take that away. And that's what I told myself, when really I just had to get away from you. It completely tore me apart, I loved you but I knew I couldn't be in that situation again. And if it happened once it could happen again," I softly spoke with tears welling up behind my eyes.

“You know that I loved you more than I have ever loved anything before, it really hurt when you just wouldn’t talk to me anymore,” Harry said light heartedly, proving to me that he was over it.

“That’s not true. If you loved me as much as you say you did, you wouldn’t have let me go,” I fought back.

“I was going through a lot that you didn’t know about at that time, it was best for you to just get rid of me. I mean look at me now, I’m a secret alcoholic and caught up with the wrong people. Just no one knows about it right now,” he said still with the light mood and smirked at me.

The look that spread a crossed his face was very puzzling; Harry was always a tough guy to read. He turned away from me and reclined in his seat, staring blankly at the roof above us. I could tell that'd was thinking hard about something, what I don't know. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth shut, making his jaw become taut. Wow, I almost forgot that Harry was one of the most beautiful people alive.

"So you still don't trust me..." He said more as a statement than a question.

I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that sadly, no I didn't trust him anymore. Harry was just about the only person I trusted with everything I had, for the longest time too, but seeing him so angry was really scarring. And the fact that he knocked me out too.... That could also be a part of it. But, I know the real Harry, and I know he's in there. This doesn't mean I won't ever trust him again. Just not now. and he had to clean up his act before I would even be seen with him.

"As of right now, no I really don't Harry," I said as the tears I'd been holding back silently fell.

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