Back For You

Ava had a relationship with Harry Styles all through the X factor and three years previous to that. But, when his career skyrocketed, they fell apart. The only way for her to deal with the pain of letting go , was to paint a bad picture of Harry in her mind and try and forget. When One Direction comes to Ava's mall for a signing she discoveres that fame can really change a person, but some old feelings are rising back up. Can Ava be what Harry needs to come back down to Earth?


5. Really?

To my surprise, Harry wiped them away. I feel that he is on the verge of treating me like I was his best friend, and treating me like the new Harry would. He keeps faltering back and forth, and I've seen both. But, just the thought of having the old Harry back gives me a pain in my chest. I wanted so badly for that, but I don’t know how to learn to trust him again. I never stopped loving him, you can’t just forget feelings like the ones we had. I looked at him and gave him a slight smirk as a way of saying thanks. He turned away from me and back up to the ceiling.


The thoughts going through my head at this point were frustrated, angry, sad, but yet I was still happy that I got to spend time with Harry. There was something about him that makes you feel like the only girl in the world. I had been to Hell and back with him, but in that moment it didn’t really matter.


"Harry do you remember when you were freaking out back at X factor because you didn’t know which scarf to wear, and no one would help you," I said in a somber tone, but smiled.


"Uh, yes I do. Why?" He answered with a surprised tone.


I smiled slightly, kind of reminiscing, "You called me up on the phone and asked me what color you should wear, and you kept going on and on about how you couldn't do it,"


"Yeah I know, you were the only thing that got me through that performance. You told me that you didn't want me to end up being stuck back in Holmes Chapel, and that you would go with me wherever my job too me,” Harry said sounding thankful. “You know Ava, I thought I was going to marry you. I had never loved something so much in my life, until you. I hate you sometimes for what you did to me.”


“Don’t you go blaming this all on me Harry. This was NOT all my fault,” I bit back at him for making me feel like the bad guy. This was so typical. Harry was never wrong, I was the one who hurt him. He doesn’t know that he hurt me just as much.


“YES IT IS AVA, YOU CHEATED ON ME,” Harry belted out, the entire plane turning their eyes towards us. I saw him start to break down, and worried that one of his attacks was going to happen.


I couldn’t believe he called me out right there in front of an entire plane of people and the entire band. They didn’t know anything and probably thought I was an insane psycho lady. This was one of the factors that lead to me leaving him. Of course it wasn’t the only reason... but he just couldn’t control himself. I had to get away from him; at least as far as I could in the small first class area.


I unbuckled my seatbelt and shoved my way passed the Harry who was sitting absolutely still, in a trance. I looked at Niall who was always my biggest fan from the group, and he understood right away. He was seated next to Liam, and I took his place. I started sobbing into Liam’s shoulder, but was cut short quickly. I was right, Harry was having an anxiety attack. On a plane. 30k feet above the Atlantic Ocean.


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