Back For You

Ava had a relationship with Harry Styles all through the X factor and three years previous to that. But, when his career skyrocketed, they fell apart. The only way for her to deal with the pain of letting go , was to paint a bad picture of Harry in her mind and try and forget. When One Direction comes to Ava's mall for a signing she discoveres that fame can really change a person, but some old feelings are rising back up. Can Ava be what Harry needs to come back down to Earth?


2. Lennox

So many thought's were running through my mind after re-living my break up with Harry. It was obvious to me that there was no way in Hell that my heart could endure another break up like the last one, but deep down inside I knew I had to take the chance. I was willing to.

I spent the last three years of my life getting that curly haired boy outta my head and all of a sudden I was deciding to bring him back into my life. If I was a smart girl I wouldn't be doing that, but I guess I'm not smart. Not when it came to love.

Turning to page A-11 which had the article about 1D on it, I read further. Turns out they were going to be at the mall for two consecutive days, tomorrow and Friday from 13:00-15:00. For some reason, the butterflies came back to my stomach and made me a bit un easy. Just thinking about Harry made me want him back and the pain hurt awfully, hence why I cut him out of my life. No one should have to endure that kind of pain he put me through; the pain that just won't go away. Physical pain can be treated by medicine and doctors, but heartache will never have a cure.

It must have been fate (or something among those lines) that wanted me to go and see him, because my boss at work decided to give me a long weekend, meaning Thursday and Friday off. While planning out the day ahead of me, I switched off the tv and headed to my bathroom to get ready for bed.

"I should set my alarm for 10:30 because I need my beauty sleep, but I also need time to get ready.... Lenox mall is only a 15 minute ride on the Tube... What should I wear...Why in the world am I doing this," I mumbled to myself while brushing my teeth.

After 20 minutes of prepping my face for sleeping, I finally made it to bed. Right when my head hit the pillow I was zonked out. Too much thinking for this girl today.


"I know you never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me," my radio sang. Darn it. I should've set my alarm for buzzer instead of radio.. of course that would come on.

The warmth from the heated blanket encompassed me and made it difficult to get up for the day. But, if I wanted that awful tune to stop I had to get up to turn the alarm off.

Goosebumps arose on my legs when getting out of bed and I felt a burning sensation fly through my fingers when I slammed the off button on the radio. Once the music stopped, I immediately felt the blood rush to my fingertips. Seems that I took a bit too much of my anger out on the alarm...

I somehow managed to get my contacts in my eyes and make my way to the kitchen. Every morning I have a cup of Twinning's English Breakfast Tea made by my Keurig, and today I needed the caffeine, so I made the large serving size.

While my eyes glazed over my closet, I became overwhelmed by the amount of clothing options I had. It was difficult to choose between the "I'm not going to dress up for you, I could care less" and the "Look at what you're missing out on now" looks. But, I decided to go right in the middle. I'd like to call it the "You wish you looked this good in jeans" look.

I wore some Rock & Republic dark wash skinny jeans, a plain white v-neck from Topshop, a brown leather belt, and a pink crochet infinity scarf. The thought came to my mind that fashion was my expertise; my whole career revolved around the way I could put an outfit together. And yet, it was difficult to whip up an outfit to go to the mall. I eventually decided to wear a pair of black Uggs and a grey beanie to top off my entire look.

It only took an hour and a half to prepare, but at noon I was on the Tube heading toward the mall. The fifteen minutes passed very quickly which was quite surprising since all I did was worry.

"Thank you," an elderly man said while I waved him to go in front of me.

"No problem," I replied with a smile spreading across my face.

The mall was less than a five minute walk from the stop, so I could see it as soon as I stepped off the Tube. The only thought in my mind: HOLY CRAP. The newspaper said that it was expected to be huge, with numbers being in the thousands. But, I would have never expected the amount of girls that I saw there.

The signing was taking place inside of the mall, but the entire parking lot was a mob of girls. The few cars that actually found a spot to park were in no way getting out of that mall before the signing was over. Thousands of teenage girls were packed like sardines, shoulder to shoulder.

I soon came to realize that there was no way I was going to see Harry this way. Even a mountain lion would have difficulty plowing it's way through these girls, they were ravenous.

While pulling out my phone, I was going through all of my different options, trying to avoid the one that deep down I knew was going to be my best bet. 1. Push and shove my way through 2. Wait by their tour bus, hoping Harry recognizes me 3. I don't have a three. Plan one was not going to happen. Two was pretty far fetched... which leaves the only other way. If there was any alternative plan to avoid calling Harry, I would've utilized it.

His number was still stored in my phone just in case who knows what happened. But, for all I know he could've deleted my number or gotten a new number himself. At this point I was desperate and I searched through my contacts until I found the name Shamrock. It was his code name in my phone so other people wouldn't go looking for his number. I cringed when I clicked on the contact, seems his contact picture never got changed. Looking back at me was a happy version of me with Harry's arms around me.

My hands were shaking, but I lifted the phone to my ear. Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... but right when I was about to hang up, the ringing stopped.

"Hello?" the all too familiar husky voice mumbled.

Words wouldn't come out of my mouth, I was frozen.

"Hellooo?" the voice repeated.

I knew I had to say something or else he would hang up. "Can I speak to Niall..." came out of my mouth. When I heard his voice I knew I wasn't ready to confront him on the phone, so I asked for Niall. He always helped.

"Umm... who is this?"

"Just give the phone to Niall, Harry," I bit at him. I felt a pang of regret as the words came off my tongue.

There were muffled noises in the background and then a "Yellow?" came out of the speaker.

"Niall... it's Ava," I spoke quietly.

There was a good ten seconds of silence until Niall said, "Oh my God,"

"Just listen, I'm here at the mall and there's like ten thousand girls shoving and stepping on me and I need to see Harry,"

"Ava, this is kind of an odd place to see him but okay. What do you want me to do?" Niall replied sounding a bit more normal.

"I just need to get close enough where I can get in line for the signing. Can you send a security guard or something to get me through all of these girls? I need the time in line to think about what I'm going to say," my voice sounding stronger now.

"Sure, meet Paul at the entrance to the Nike store in five minutes. I miss you around Ava," said Niall just like old times.

I said my good-bye and hung up the phone. Honestly, it wasn't near as hard as I anticipated.
The Nike Store was right by where I was standing, but there were a good 10 rows of girls between me and the door. Screw it. I'm just going in. Along the way I got called about seven different swear words, lost an earring, and gained a couple bruises, but I got to the door.

I remembered Paul crystal clear, so when I saw a stout man standing at the door I recognized him immediately.

"Ava! l've missed you its so great to see you here," Paul welcomed as he gave me a huge bear hug.

One thing I did miss about Harry was the great people that surrounded him. They're some of the most friendly and selfless people I know.

"Wow Paul you look great, it's nice to see you too," I squeaked out trying to hold back tears. Who knew this would be such an emotional roller coaster. All I needed was closure. Out of everything Harry took from me, he wasn't going to take my peace of mind.

Paul led me through the massive clusters of screaming fans, to the line for the signing. He put me right in the middle, which probably upset everyone behind me, but oh well.

"So Ava am I going to see you around?" I heard Paul say hopefully.

"Sorry, I'm just here for closure. But, I miss you. I'll see you soon," I said holding back tears once again.

With one final hug Paul left and I was left to wait.

The line started to move along moments after Paul left. Oh my God I thought to myself. He was here... in the same building as me. It's been three years since I've been face to face with him, what if he hates me? Or even worse, what if he's changed?

The Harry I remember was so caring and laid back, I don't know how I would feel about a new Harry. If I hadn't come today then I could've just remembered him the way I witnessed him. The sweet, cheeky curly haired boy. I will admit the first year there I painted a pretty bad picture of him, but it was the only way I could cope. After year two I got over that. But I did come today.

My heart dropped when I rounded the corner. The line was moving very fast and I could now see the boys about 40 feet ahead of me; they were all sat in a line with sharpies in hand. My heart beat quickened and the butterflies came back, just like the old days. That's exactly how I felt when Harry would brush his lips against mine.

Even though I rehearsed over and over in my head what I was going to say when I saw him, the moment he saw me I forgot everything. I caught his eye when I was climbing the steps up to their table.

I couldn't quite decipher what was going on in his mind; his eyes were wide, face blank, and jaw was hanging. I probably looked the exact same when I reached the table and handed him my copy of Up All Night to sign.

"What the Hell, Ava," were the only words that came out of his mouth.
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