Back For You

Ava had a relationship with Harry Styles all through the X factor and three years previous to that. But, when his career skyrocketed, they fell apart. The only way for her to deal with the pain of letting go , was to paint a bad picture of Harry in her mind and try and forget. When One Direction comes to Ava's mall for a signing she discoveres that fame can really change a person, but some old feelings are rising back up. Can Ava be what Harry needs to come back down to Earth?


6. Chapter 6

I hear the all too familiar sound of Harry's fist punching everything in his sight, followed by the voice of Paul yelling at him to calm down.  The flight attendants rush to close the drapes diving first class with economy, hoping to blind the rest of the plane from what is happening. That seems to be near impossible considering that Harry is yelling obscenities at nothing, just out of anger. 

I feel the plane start to cave in. I can't go through this again.  The anger, the crying, and the punching. This is one of the reasons I let him leave, he had the ability to scare me. It was not the fact that he could hurt me physically that scared me; I already knew he could. But more that he could hurt me even worse by his actions. I wanted nothing more than for Harry to just be happy and at peace with himself, but he has so much pent up anger he just explodes sometimes. I know Harry would never hurt me again, we spent a long time healing that wound, and it has only left a scar to remind me. It will never be reopened, that is the one thing I can trust from Harry.  

I get lost reminiscing and forget what is actually going on right now for just a moment. That is until I hear Niall yelling my name. I glance and see he is holding Harry into the seat, keeping him from punching an actual person. 

"Paul! We all know Ava is the only one who will be able to calm him down. It's no use," Niall shouts from a couple rows forward. 

"You kiddin me Niall, Ava is the one who caused this whole problem we were doing just fine without her," I hear Paul say and it stings. He's supposed to be on my side. 

"Paul, don't you dare say that about Ava, it's not her fault I'm screwed up," The familiar raspy voice defends. 

I realize Paul said that hoping to get a good reaction out of Harry, which he did. He seems to be a bit calmer now and he catches a glance at me. He looks even a bit apologetic towards me and I realize that still, I am the only one who can calm him down. I walk back to my original place next to Harry and grab his hand. It is raw from punching the fabric seats of the airplane. I gently draw patterns over his wounded knuckles, remembering. Part of me thought he left me to fix himself, but that is obviously not the case. Other Harry wouldn't have blown up this badly in a public area. He's much worse. 

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