Back For You

Ava had a relationship with Harry Styles all through the X factor and three years previous to that. But, when his career skyrocketed, they fell apart. The only way for her to deal with the pain of letting go , was to paint a bad picture of Harry in her mind and try and forget. When One Direction comes to Ava's mall for a signing she discoveres that fame can really change a person, but some old feelings are rising back up. Can Ava be what Harry needs to come back down to Earth?


1. Heard It In the Radio

I was flipping through the radio stations on my way home from London where I attended a meeting with GQ magazine when I heard a quite annoying radio announcer say

"And that was One Direction with their new single, "Back For You" off of the sophmore Take Me Home."

Click. As soon as I hear the words "one" and "direction" put in a sentence together, I try to avoid the situation completely. It would be considered very abnormal that I am a 17 year old girl, and I don't seem to swoon at the boy-band concoction. But, my reaction is always the opposite from swooning.

Their fans are abnoxious since they all think they know "their boys" so well. But, they have neglected to realize that Harry, had a very serious relationship during his entire X Factor career, as well as two years before that. I mean come on, these fans could work for the CIA and they haven't dug that up from the 1D vault. I guess only I knew that. But, I can live with the fans, it's the members that drive me up the wall. Well, one member.

I continued to press preset after preset until finally settling on "Ho, Hey" by The Lumineers. The slower indie music really calms me, and I'm not too sure why. It makes me think about the kind of person it takes to put the soul into a song like that versus the repetitive pop crap on radio now a days. The thought that there is still hope in the world is the calming part of it all. While humming along to the music, Harry was slowly floating out of my mind, while my brain wandered to other, more important subjects.

I guess I was starting to get a bit too calm in my efforts to forget Styles, that I seem to have driven off of the road. Oops.


"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, are you alright?

"Yeah, yeah, just get the hell off the roads,"

"I'm sorry sir,"

And that was exactly what I needed to get him out of my head entirely, a wake up call.

I got back to my flat safely and in just in time to catch the ending of The Bachelorette. This show described me perfectly in a nutshell, hopeless romantic. I lived my love life through these women's fantasies, I wasn't so lucky to have them myself.
The way that Jef was so caring about Emily and her daughter... well It made about 1,000 butterflies fly around in my stomach.

I had flipped on just in time for the rose ceremony andiIt was down to the final three: Jef, Ari, and Sean. I really wanted Sean to make it, I just felt he was Emily's other half. I urned for someone like that in my life, so if she passed up Sean I was going to yell at the top of my lungs.
After many moments of intense suspense... the words
"Jef, will you accept this rose," came out of Emily's mouth while "YYYEEEESSSSS, YOU GO GIRL," came out of mine. Jef was quite the catch I must say, but Sean was still without a rose.

Chris Harrison of course had to come out to say in his concerning tone that it was the final rose. Does he really think that we are that stupid that we can't count to one? Come on Chris let's get on with it. I think there were a good forty-five seconds there of intense music while the camera's panned Ari and Sean. She had to pick Sean... I mean he was beautiful inside and out, and serenaded her like a princess. Not to mention his morals were spot on.

"Ari, will you accept this rose?"

"Of course," and the embrace that broke my mended heart began between them.

Now, any normal person would have said whatevs, but Sean was my man. I let out a terrifying scream that most likely disturbed my neighbors from above, below, and next to me. It stinks when you put too much of yourself into these dang reality shows, and I bet you could guess who is notorious for that. This girl. It is a unfortunate side affect from my not so amazing past.

I sent the remote flying after I turned the off button and chucked it at the TV. Watching romantic shows always put me in the weirdest moods, and I tend to do some pretty crazy things when I am in those moods. No need to go there.

Figuring that a nice cup of tea would snap me back to reality, I headed for my kitchen. The most recent newspaper was laying on the counter and the headline caught my eye. My heart dropped immediately and my brain filled with a million questions.


The kettle on the stove let out a large scream as my eyes read the headline. It screamed for me instead since I had no energy to let one out myself.

Now if I had been feeling normal, my reaction would have been on the more dramatic end. But, since I was flying high on my funny, hopeless life, we were talking the opposite end of the spectrum.


"I'm sorry love, you know I'm doing this for the both of us. It will turn out to be better in the end. I don't want to hold you back from getting your happy ever after." Harry said to me in his raspy but comforting voice.

As soon as he said "it will turn out better" my brain got the message to start crying involuntarily. "Please... you are my happy ever after, you promised your career would never come in between us," I cried out.

"Ava, sweetie. You know I love you, and I wish for nothing more that we could live happily ever after. But, it is no longer realistic. I don't want you to settle on your dreams while I chase mine," said the beautiful the voice that already felt distant.

"I love you... I can't even believe you right now"

"Love you too. This isn't forever. I'll be coming back for you,"

Harry pulled his hands from our embrace and reached for his back pocket. He pulled out a tiny figurine of the moon that I remember once lied on his bed-side table. Seconds later he pulled out a thick manilla envelope, crinkled from being in his pocket.

"Now, I have strict rules for you. You have to promise me that you will only open this envelope when you know it is time. Listen to me," he said as he jerked my hands to make sure I was aware. I think my crying kind of freaked him out.

"I know you're gonna miss me, but DO NOT open this until you know in your heart it is time, and trust me you will know. In the mean time, keep the moon. Cuz you know I will always be here even when you can't see me. Do you understand?"

I barely nodded and he kissed my tears away and hugged me one last time, then he left me to go board his flight. The absence of his body heat left me feeling colder than I already did. I was left standing alone in LHR feeling like I was about to puke, faint, die, or maybe all of that mixed together.


I had to go see him.
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