Is it really the end of Hope?

The 76th Hunger Games ... May the odds be ever in your favour.


1. Preface


The revolution died in Panem, people are scared, and the 76th Hunger Games are right around the corner and in Panem new rumours have spread all over.  One of the most common rumours is that the once heroes of the nation, Katniss Everdeen and her boyfriend Peeta Mellark are now prisoners of the capitol. The revolution that started in the 74th Hunger Games is now vanished or at least that is what the capitol thinks. President Snow could no longer hide district 13, as a result of the revolution, everyone is scared in Panem but, few still have hope. Draco Malfoy, a young teenager appeared in district 10 saying that he came from the forest, deep in the forest, from an old district formed by those who first stood up against the capitol, it was the district 9 ¾, he told everyone about that district and some peacekeepers were sent there to find out if what young Draco said was true or not. At the end it was all quite a mess, it was December, the snow was falling and there were cameras all over the district 9 ¾. There was a big castle covered with snow, and a bold tall man, skeletally thin, his face is an almost opaque texture, with deep, dark scarlet eyes set in slits, like a cat's gleaming in the dark, his nose is as flat as a snake's, leaving small incisions for nostrils, and his fingers are unnaturally long, like a spider's legs, wearing a long black cloak. He came out of the doors accompanied by a woman with a dark black curly hair wearing a black cloak and a men wearing black with a very greasy hair, when the bald man with scarlet eyes spoke, he didn’t had a microphone but his voice was strong as if he had one. He was right in front of the capitol cameras,

-   Welcome each and every one to our modest district 9 ¾, it is a great honour to have such wonderful visitors in here; I am the district mayor, Lord Voldemort. I have spoken with President Snow and have agreed to have our district participating in the 76th Hunger Games, as a punishment for its lack of participation as a helper for the capitol in the revolution that took place a year ago. You are all invited to presence tomorrow our first time ever district harvest. As the President said, we will be sending four tributes, and, their mentors are forced to go, by orders from the capitol, so tomorrow you may presence this extraordinary harvest. 

All the people with the cameras started clapping their hands as fast and hard as they could. Then in a blink it was all gone. 

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