Kiss Me Like You've Fallin In Love

18 year old Victoria lives on her own in London, England. She has just finished collage to start her new job as a stylist for the biggest boy band in the world! But, things change when she falls for the blonde, Niall James Horan. Will he fall for her? Will they fall in love? Read to see what happens!


2. Leaving for Tour


          I quickly shut off my alarm and jump out of bed. Today I get to start my new job and go on my first tour ever!!! I'm so excited! I grab a towel and head to the bathroom. I quickly shower and shave. I put my undergarments on along with some deodorant. Then I quickly blow dry my long brunette hair and decide to curl it,  straightening my bangs. Then I grab my clothes and shoes I had set out the night before , because the rest of my clothes are in my suitcases. I put on my white skinny jeans, bright pink 'mustache' shirt , and bright pink combat boots. Then I grab my makeup bag and add on some proactive , leaving my face clean and clear. Then I put on some light pink eye shadow along with some mascara. I then grab my lucky necklace that has my name engraved into a light pink for leaf clover. I was finally ready.By then, it was 3:50 and we had to be at the studio at 4:00 am.  I grab my purse,keys,iPhone,and two suitcases and a bag, and head out the door to the studio. When I got there , I saw a giant black tour bus with the words "'Take Me Home Live Tour" and "One Direction" in big red letters. I get out of my car and head inside. 

           Nialls POV. 

                      She was beautiful. Everything about her was just flawless. I couldn't take my eyes off of her the second she walked in that door. "Hey guys!" She said. Me and the boys quickly got up and huddled around her in a big group hug. "Hey love" I said, pecking her cheek. "Hey Niall" She said smiling. I smiled back, looking deep into her beautiful hazel eyes. She quickly looked away blushing. "Alright everyone, do you have everything you need for the tour?!" Paul said shouting. Everyone nodded their heads. "Alrighty then....LETS GO!" Paul said shouting and smiling. I helped Victoria get her luggage out of her car. "Thank you" She said smiling. "You're very welcome, love" I said. We got onto the bus, and put her luggage into the storage closet.I showed her her bunk , which was right below mine. Then we headed to the seating area and sat down with the boys. Paul started up the engine and started to drive off. He made a pit stop to McDonalds and ordered us some breakfast through the drive through window. I ordered two bacon egg and cheese biscuits and a large coke. Everyone else stuck with one bacon egg and cheese biscuit and sweet tea. Lames. Just kidding. 

                                   Victoria's POV.

         The our bus was really big and had lots of room , which was perfect. I can't believe Niall kissed me on the cheek! This is going to be a fun and exciting tour " THE REST OF UK HERE WE COME!" Louis yelled. We all laughed, and ate the rest of our food. I started getting tired knowing its 4:15 in the morning so I decided to go take a nap. "I'm gonna go take a nap. I'm tired" I said yawning. The boys agreed on taking a nap so the followed along heading to their bunks. I grabbed my earplugs and iPhone and climbed into my bunk peacefully falling asleep listening to Ed Sheeran. But suddenly I felt someone pulling out one of my earplugs. It was Niall. "Goodnight Victoria...err good morning" He said whispering into my ear. I giggled and whispered "Goodnight Nialler". He then climbed into his bunk, above mine and fell asleep. I continued listening to Ed Sheeran and finally fell asleep peacefully. 

We arrived in Loughton, UK at an arena. The boys last concert in the UK before they head to the US,  was tonight. We had 4 hours before the concert (which was at 7:00)  so I could have time to go clothes shopping for the boys. I grabbed my purse and my huge hair and makeup bag and headed inside to the dressing room. I sat my bag down by the vanity. Paul came in and gave me five hundred dollars to buy the boys clothes. I told the boys I was heading to a mall right across the street from the arena. "Can i come with you?" Niall asked. "Don't you have to stay here and rehearse?" I smirked. "Crap....." He said. "Let me go ask Paul real quick." *5 minutes later* "He said no" Niall said. "Well maybe he'll let you go next time" I said smiling. Niall just stood there starring at me. "Well I gotta go.I'll be back in about an hour or two." I said blushing. "Ok love, be careful.  Fans already know who you are." Niall said laughing. "Ok, i'll try to." I said smiling.

I headed out the door across the street to a massive mall.When I got there, fans where already crowding around me asking for pictures and lots of questions about the boys. I hadn't even stepped a foot into the mall yet. There were so many fans,I was getting claustrophobic. But they were so sweet! I took pictures with some of them and quickly answered some questions. Finally they left and I began shopping.

I was going to shop for Niall first. I picked out a red polo shirt and some khaki's  from a store called "Tilly's". Then I went to a store called "Shii" and picked out some black high tops. Next was Harry. I went back to Tilly's and picked out another pair of khaki's and a plain white t-shirt. Then across from Tilly's was the converse store. I picked out some cream colored converse. Then I went to a very fancy looking men's store and bought a navy blue blazer. Then next was Louis. I went to American Eagle outfiters and bought a blue and white stripped shirt and some red skinny jeans. I also bought Liam a reddish,plaid,button-up shirt while I was in there, along with two more pairs of khaki's. One pair for Liam, one pair for Zayn. Then I went back to "Shii" and bought some red toms for Louis, black converse for Paul (as a treat), and some red converse for Liam. Then I went to the Nike store and bought Zayn some red Nike's. I was finally done. I had spent almost four hundred dollars. I had about one hundred dollars left so I decided to go in Claire's. I bought me a fake pair of silver peace sign earrings and a necklace with a mini silver  Eiffel tower on it. I aslo bought me another tube of mascara. I was running out. By then it was about 4:45. I decided to go back to the arena carrying about twelve bags. I finally got there without any fans noticing me.  Niall helped me carry the bags into the dressing room."Thanks" I said. "No problem babe" He said.I started blushing really bad. He gave me a wink and went to go sit on the lounge couch with the other boys. Soon Paul came in and asked me to start  getting the boys ready. 

The boys started stripping down to their underwear. It was really awkward. "Did you guys do this with your other stylist?" I asked smiling. "Yeah, she just let us strip down and dressed us one by one" Harry said giving me a cheeky smile. "Ok then..." I said awkwardly.  I grabbed four pairs of khaki pants and gave one to Niall,Harry,Zayn, and Liam. "Put these on" I said. Then i grabbed Louis' red skinny jeans and handed them to him to put on. "See guys, I get the special pants" Louis said all sassy. The boys rolled their eyes and I started to laugh. "How come Louis gets the "special" pants?" Niall said. " Honestly I don't know. They just looked like his style." I said laughing. I each gave them their shirts I had picked out for them. Then i gave them their shoes. Then I started styling their hair. I gave Zayn kind of a mohawk quiff. "Don't look in the mirror yet! I want to wait ti'l i get done with all of you so you can see how awesome I am at styling people." I said laughing. I covered Zayn's eyes while walking him to the couch, away from the mirrors. He started laughing and almost ran into the side of the couch. I quickly turned him around and sat him down,removing my hands from his eyes. "Promise you wont look in the mirror?" i said. "Pink swear" he said laughing. I grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him to the "Styling chair". I turned him around so he wouldn't face the mirror that was right in front of him. I grabbed my styling gel and started rubbing it in his hair. When I was finished, his hair was in a quiff leaning toward the right side of his head. "How do i look?" he asked. "Honestly, you look sexy" I said smiling."He blushed as he stood up to face the mirror but i quickly grabbed his shoulders and turned him back around. Then I covered his eyes and made him sit on the couch. "Don't move" I said laughing. I motioned Harry to come over so I could fix his hair. I brushed out his curls and "re-curled" them to give them some more volume. Then I sprayed hair spray all over his hair so it would stay in place. "All done" I said smiling. He already knew what to do. He closed his eyes and tried walking toward the couch to sit down,but failed. He ran into the coffee table and fell on the floor. The rest of the boys and I fell in the floor laughing our butts off. We finally settled down and Harry got up looking dizzy and sat on the couch. "What just happend?" he said in a jokingly voice."You epicly failed, trying to walk to the couch with your eyes closed." Louis said laughing. "Come on Liam" I said in a sweet voice, motioning him to the chair. The rest of the boys continued chatting while i styled Liam's hair. I took some hair jail and quiffed up a small part of his hair in the front, making it look awesome! Then I took my blow dryer and styled the back of his hair making it look soft and fluffy. "Finished!" I said happily. I called the boys over to check out themselves in the giant mirror. Their jaws nearly fell to the floor. "Woah Victoria, you know style!" Zayn said. "Sure do" I said with a  proud smile. Niall came over after looking at himself in the mirror for several seconds, giving me a big bear hug. "I love you" he said jokingly. I started to laugh. "I'm Impressed" Liam said giving me a smile. "I.Look.Sexy." Harry said starring at me smiling his cheeky smile. "Thanks to me" I said giving him a smirk.  Louis was just standing there infront of the mirror smiling. I walked towards him. " you like it?" I asked. "No...............I LOVE IT!" Louis said giving me a tight hug. "I.Can't.Breath." I said. He finally let go, giving me a chance to breath.Paul walked in and said "Boys, your on in two minutes!" We could already hear the fans screaming to the top of their lungs. After the two minutes Paul came back telling the boys to go on stage. "Good luck you guys!" I said yelling. "Thanks!" they all yelled. The screaming of fans increased as they went on stage. 

After the concert we headed to the tour bus and instantly fell asleep as Paul drove us to the nearest airport, which was five hours away. Tomorrow we were heading to the U.S. But as I was about to fall asleep my phone buzzed. It was a text from Niall that read "Goodnight love, me and the boys have decided to go to a club tomorrow night in L.A. after our first concert in the U.S. you wanna come? ;) " I smiled to myself and replied with "Sure, I'm always up for a club. (;" He then replied with " Ok,well get some sleep.Big day ahead of us.(;". "Wait, Niall,I know you like me from what I've heard from the boys, but I just wanted to say I really like you too. (:" Niall leaned down from his bunk above mine. "You really like me back?" He said looking excited. I shook my head yes and smiled. "We'll see what happens tomorrow night" He said, giving me a wink. I started laughing and said "Ok.Well goodnight Niall". "Goodnight princess." He whispered. Then I quickly fell asleep. 


*Authors note* He guys, so this is my first movella. Sorry if the chapters are kind of long. Hope you guys like it! :) I'll add 2-3 chapters a week. :)

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