Kiss Me Like You've Fallin In Love

18 year old Victoria lives on her own in London, England. She has just finished collage to start her new job as a stylist for the biggest boy band in the world! But, things change when she falls for the blonde, Niall James Horan. Will he fall for her? Will they fall in love? Read to see what happens!


1. Meeting the Band


I quickly shut off my alarm and shuffle out of bed. I grab a towel, and some clothes and head to the bathroom. I turn on the warm water and start to strip down. I moan as the warm water hits my body. I shrug as I finish with my shower , not wanting to get out into the coldness of my flat. I quickly dry off and put on my under garments and started rubbing lotion all over my body and face. I come out of my steamy bathroom and head to my closet grabbing my black skinny jeans, floral skinny strapped torso, and my floral print vans, along with some socks. I put on my clothes and head back to my bathroom. I blow dry my long wavy hair and started to flat iron/straighten my thick hair. Then I grab my makeup bag and started putting on some mascara and peach colored eye shadow, along with a little bit of eyeliner. I grab my keys, purse and iPhone and head out the door.

I drive downtown to the recording studio, where I was going to meet the manager of a famous boy band, obviously called 'One Direction', to go on tour with them to be their personal stylist. As I arrive to the studio I nervously walk up to the studio doors and walk in. There was a lady at the desk. "How may I help you?" she asked. "Yes, I'm looking for studio ' A5'?" I said. She pointed down the hall and said " 5th door on the right". "Ok, thank you" I said smiling. I nervously knocked on the door and the manager, Paul greeted me and politely invited me in. "Nice to see you again." I said smiling "You too. The boys went out for breakfast. They should be back any minute now." He said. "Oh ok" I said. "Have you got your stuff packed for the tour tomorrow? The boys are so excited to meet you." He said smiling. " Almost, and I'm very excited to meet them too." I said. We heard talking and laughing down the hall, and my stomach started to tense up. I was so nervous, yet excited. The boys walked in and they were laughing and talking, and I was just standing there all quiet. "Boys! Boys! Boys! Settle down, we have a guest!" The boys quit talking immediatly  and turned around to face me. I gave them a shy smile. "Guys, this is Victoria, she will be your new stylist and will be going on tour with you tomorrow. She has the highest grade average in cosmetology and fashion design, so she will be sure enough to make you look good. And by good , I mean perfect" Paul said glaring at me. The boys walked closer to me and each greeted me one by one. "Hello I'm Harry Styles." He said shaking my hand . "Nice to meet you Harry." I  said smiling. "Hello nice to meet you. I'm Liam Payne" He said. "Hello nice to meet you too Liam." I said shaking his hand and smiling. "Vas Happening, I'm Dj Malik , but you can call me Zayn." I laughed and said " Hello...Zayn".  Shaking his hand. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, I'm Louis the tommo Tomlinson, please, call me Lou." He said gaving me a giant hug. I hugged him back and said "Hello Lou" I said laughing. Then... I saw a blonde headed boy head towards me. My stomach filled with butterfly's. He looked just so....,so....., PERFECT! "Hello love, I'm Niall Horan. Pleasure to meet you" He said looking deep into my eyes, which made me blush. "H-hi. glad to meet you too" I said smiling. He smiled back and went to have a seat. I followed along and took a seat next to him. Paul was on his computer so he just left me and the boys alone. They started asking me questions like how old I was , where I live, what collage I went to, ect. But then, Niall asked me if I had a boyfriend. I blushed really badly, which was quite embarrassing. "Nope.... I've never had one before."  I said. Niall's  jaw nearly fell to the floor. "You mean to tell me a beautiful girl like you, has never had a boyfriend before?" He said surprised. "Nope. I've been so caught up in school, I've never really had the time to fall in love." I said. "Oh. Well that's good. Atleast you've done well in collage, to be our beautiful stylist. He said,giving me a wink. I smiled and said "Why thank you." When we were done chit-chatting Paul mentioned for us to go out for lunch at Nandos. I was so happy because I was starving and my favorite restaurant was Nandos.Niall quickly jumped up and ran out down the hall and yelled "I'LL BE IN THE CAR!" We laughed and Liam said "Nando's it is." I smiled and grabbed my purse and phone and followed the group to the huge van out in the parking lot. We got in and Niall was in the very back. He motioned for me to come back there so I did. The ride there was very awkward. I noticed Niall kept starring at me. When we arrived there we got out of the van and went inside . We were seated by a waiter in a booth. I sat on the end with Niall beside me , Liam beside him, Zayn beside Liam, Harry beside Zayn, Louis beside Harry, and Paul at the other end beside Louis. 

After we ate and chatted for a while, we headed back to the studio. By then, it was almost 5:00 p.m. I told the boys I was going to go home and finish packing for the tour. They all begged for me to stay a while longer (especially Niall) so I finally gave in and said I would stay ti'l six p.m. Paul left because he said he was getting tired and reminded us to get some sleep and don't stay out to late because we have to leave at 4 in the morning. When Paul left , me and the boys just chatted for a while and they told me more about each others life's, which was quite interesting. We were so caught up in our conversations that I had noticed it was now 8 p.m. I told the boys I needed to go home to finish packing, and get some sleep. They all agreed and said they were going to leave too. They followed me out and I said "It was nice meeting you guys. I had fun. I'll see you tomorrow." They all gave me a hug and said their goodbye's for the night and got into the van. But I had noticed Niall wasn't out here. Soon he came running out of the building and said "I forgot me phone. " I laughed and said "Bye Niall, It was nice meeting you," He came closer and said "I really had a fun time with you today. I'm glad a beautiful girl like you is going on tour with us." He qiuckly gave me a peck on the cheek and opened my car door for me. " Thank you, and I had a lot of fun too." I said smiling. "Niall get in the car and stop trying to rape little girls!" Louis said jokingly. We laughed and Niall said "Bye love. See you tomorrow." While closing my car door for me."BYE GUYS!" I yelled out the window. "BYE VICTORIA!" They all yelled. 

I smiled to myself and drove home. When I got home I finished packing my suitcases and all of the supplies I needed to "Style" the boys. Well...besides clothes. Paul is giving me money to buy clothes for the boys when the do concerts. I got into my Pj's , and went to brush my teeth. Then I climbed into my warm, cozy, bed, and drifted to sleep.

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