Summer With The Band

Tori is a simple girl with a simple life. Great family, amazing boyfriend, and is the most popular girl in school. Oh and did i mention that she and her best friend Kathrine (Kat for short) are in a band. Well what happens when the band go to London for the summer and Tori bumps into the one and only Harry Styles? Will love blossom, will this budding romance threaten to tear the band apart, or will their love last the entire summer into a life time? (OK THIS IS MY FIRST 1D FANFIC SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER STORY LOVER'S REVENGE)


4. "We Should Do This Again"


When I got into his flat I was shocked to see that it was so clean. You would think that a guy like him would have a pig pen. But this place was clean. Whatever he does I hope he can teach me…


He lead me to the living room and I sat down on one of the chairs and he sat in the one opposite me. We just sat there in awkward silence until he spoke up. "So you mentioned earlier that you are in a band." " Yeah I am. We are here for the summer before they leave and I start college here. You know just one last summer of fun." I said with a little fist pump into the air. "You should hear us sometime." "Yeah, we should," he gave me a cheeky little grin. Why is it every time he gives me that grin I go weak in the knees? It is like his superpower or something. Its kind of creepy.  Wait a minute. Did he say WE?


"Yes I did say WE" Damit I just said that out loud.  "Well who are these people? I would like to know before I have the guys and I play for you."


"I would have bet that you guessed that by now. But apparently not. Well they will be here soon. They always come over to my place so you could meet them."


"Yeah I guess I will have to since I'm locked out of my flat." I said with a bit of sarcasm. 


As we waited for his band to arrive we talked. To tell you the truth we have a lot in common. We both love music, dancing, performing and a bunch of other stuff. We both like the same books and even our favorite movies are the same. Titanic. I was about to tell him about my life back in L.A. when he heard a knock. We got up to get the door and the next thing I knew there was flash of blonde and I was on the ground. I looked up to find Harry laughing at me. I gave him the death glare and he helped me to my feet. What was that?


"That was Niall. He just wanted some food." Wait did I say that out loud? We all went and sat down on the couch or on the floor where I then got a proper introduction.


"Well that’s Liam, that’s Louis, then Zayn, and I believe you already meet Niall. And together we are One Direction!!!"


WAIT!!!! Did he just say what I think he just said? I mean I knew who One Direction was and I thought the names being the same was weird but they can't really be One Direction. "Hey, what happened to your shirt love?" it was Zayn that had asked. I was still in too much shock to even answer so Harry did for me. "I was talking with Louis on the phone while walking into STARBUCKS and I bumped into her and spilt her drink on her." "oh OK. But then why is she here in your flat?"


"well we just moved here for the summer and there is only one key the flat and I forgot it inside. My band is still asleep though so I asked if I could stay here for a little while until they wake up." I had explained. They all looked at me then at each other and began to laugh at that little blonde moment.  I had to admit, it was funny.


We all talked for about an hour before my phone began to ring. It was Kat. Oh thank God. The thing with Kat is she will notice if something is wrong or out of place so she must have noticed I was gone.


"Hey Kat!"

"don't hey Kat me, where are you I'm freaking out here!!!"

"calm down just go and unlock the door and I will be there soon."



"That was my friend Kat. She just woke up and is gonna let me in so I got to go."


"I'll walk you out," Harry said.


" This was a lot of fun thanks for letting me hangout."

"yeah we should do this again some time."

"Yeah we should."


I walked back to the flat where Kat was waiting for me like a worried mother waiting up for their kid. I knew this was gonna be a long night.


A/N ok so next chapter i will do characteristics of the others but not 1D since we should know what they look like already -S

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