Summer With The Band

Tori is a simple girl with a simple life. Great family, amazing boyfriend, and is the most popular girl in school. Oh and did i mention that she and her best friend Kathrine (Kat for short) are in a band. Well what happens when the band go to London for the summer and Tori bumps into the one and only Harry Styles? Will love blossom, will this budding romance threaten to tear the band apart, or will their love last the entire summer into a life time? (OK THIS IS MY FIRST 1D FANFIC SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER STORY LOVER'S REVENGE)


3. Meeting the Boy

everyone had gone to sleep in the living room so i thought that i would just go check out the neighborhood. when i got out of the building i started looking up and down the street. i noticed the one thing that i have been needing since i came here. STARBUCKS!!!!!!! one thing that you need to understand about me, if i don't get my coffee, you will have a very annoyed Tori on your hands. 

i went in and got my coffee and as i was walking out i was pushed by some idiot talking on his phone. my drink spilt all over me. MAN THIS STUFF BURNS!?  

"God, watch where you're going!?'' 

''yeah i'll have to call you back" said the guy hanging up the phone. he reached out a hand to help me up and i gladly took it. "i'm so so so so sorry! are you okay?'' 

''yeah i was fine until this idiot who wasn't paying attention knocked me on the ground and drenched me with my own drink!''

 I walked slowly back to our ‘flat,’ as they say in England, when I felt a strange presence. I just brushed it off until I got tapped on the shoulder. I quickly turned around and went all crazy Kung-Fu on them just wanting them to get freaked out.

“Whoa calm down! I’m not gonna hurt you.” It was the guy from STARBUCKS.


“well that’s a matter of opinion” he gave me a cheeky grin. I scoff and kept on walking. I kept turning myself around to see if he was following me. Which he was…

“what do you want from me?”

“well I’m going back to my flat. What about you?”

“same, so I’m guessing that you are in the same building as me?”

“yeah since there is only one in this entire town, what floor you on?”

“3rd, you?” please don’t be on floor, please don’t be on my floor!!

“same!” this time he said with a little bit of excitement.

This was just getting freaky. It was like we were in a romantic comedy or a book or something. We continued to walk in silence until we reached his flat. “Well I guess this is good bye” and with that I turned and left him standing at his door.

“I’m Harry by the way.” He screamed from where he was standing.

“Tori” I yelled back.

“wait” Harry called out running to me, “Would you like to come in for some tea or something?”

“no I got to get back to my band. They are probably wondering where I am, so….” This was just getting quite until he asked,

“can I see your phone then?”

I gave him my phone and he did something with it. I don’t know what. Then he smiled while giving it back to me. As I walked down the hall and to my flat I realized that there was only one key and it was inside.


What was I going to do? They are probably still asleep. I always get up before everyone else. I don’t know, why but I’m just a morning person. I guess I’ll just sit here until one of them wakes up. I start to play with my phone to see what this Harry did with it. Now don’t think I’m stupid I know what he did. He put is number in my phone I just want to see what he is under. Then I see it.

‘Hazza the sex god’ that name is just, WOW.

A thought then comes into my head.

To: Hazza the sex god- hey do u mind if I come over I left my key in the flat and im locked out L -S

From: Hazza the sex god- sure thing;) I’ll come let u in.

Thank god I at least I won’t freeze. 


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