Summer With The Band

Tori is a simple girl with a simple life. Great family, amazing boyfriend, and is the most popular girl in school. Oh and did i mention that she and her best friend Kathrine (Kat for short) are in a band. Well what happens when the band go to London for the summer and Tori bumps into the one and only Harry Styles? Will love blossom, will this budding romance threaten to tear the band apart, or will their love last the entire summer into a life time? (OK THIS IS MY FIRST 1D FANFIC SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER STORY LOVER'S REVENGE)


11. it's not your fault

        I got the still statue like Kat inside,with the help of Harry. Her eyes where red as if she was about to cry but the tears never escaped her longing stare.

          ''Um should I go?'' Harry sweetly asked.  "I think that I a good idea,I'll explan later ok?'' I replied. "yeah take all the time you need.''

        Harry left our almost empty house. It wasn't the same as it was when we first got here. What used to be a house full of life now seemed dead and full of sorrow. Kat finally broke and let the bottled up tears flow freely. Her sobs where muffled by my shoulder as she wept into it. I held her and cried as well. I couldnt help but think that it was my fault Jake was in the hospitol rite now. I went too hard on him i shouldn't have yelled like that. Kat's breathing was heavier now and her eyes where tightly closed. I carried her to my room [thank God she was light!]. I couldn't just go to sleep. Sure I was exausted physically,emotionally,and mentally. I ached from all the sorrow, my body wouldn't allow it self to go to sleep. I haft to get some fresh air. I walked outside and was greeted with a blast of a brutally cold gush of wind. Darn it forgot my jacket! Lost in deep thoughts I didn't relize someone desided to join me.

        "you know you catch a cold in this type of weather?'' The voice seemed almost distant but i could feel the figures breathe on my neck. i sowly turned around. "Harry!" i said trying to seem happy. "here.'' he handed me his hoodie. ''Thank you.'' "so I know I said take all the time you need but ahh have you taken your time?'' OH GOSH why did he have to be so cute? "huh i geuss" he gave me an encouraging smile. "my bestfriend is pregnent with my other friend and i yelled at my other friend and he tried killing himself because he thought it was his fault, and now he's in a coma." i tried my best not to cry but the tears came and the felt like icecles on my cheeks. "shhh now don't cry it wasn't your fault." Harry said while wiping my fallen tear and embracing me in a hug.





Hey, you guyses!!! I'm the new co-author. Thought you guys diserved a proper introduction. My pen name is L<3vely. I have oher movellas out so please check them out!! and like,fav,or comment!!!! please keep reading Sarah and I's story. Thanks

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