Summer With The Band

Tori is a simple girl with a simple life. Great family, amazing boyfriend, and is the most popular girl in school. Oh and did i mention that she and her best friend Kathrine (Kat for short) are in a band. Well what happens when the band go to London for the summer and Tori bumps into the one and only Harry Styles? Will love blossom, will this budding romance threaten to tear the band apart, or will their love last the entire summer into a life time? (OK THIS IS MY FIRST 1D FANFIC SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER STORY LOVER'S REVENGE)


6. It's All Your Fault


"It says that your, pregnant." I had to let the word slip out of my mouth. As the came out so did the tears. She was scared and so was I. What would you do if your best friend was pregnant? We sat there for was seemed like forever but really it was like 3o minutes, in complete silence. I had to break the tension. "Hey," I said my voice raspy, "why don't you come with me and just sleep on my bed, huh? It will be like we're 10 again." she nodded and got up and we walked to my room. 'It will be alright I just know it' I whispered to myself.


*next morning*


I woke up to the sun blinding my eyes. Why the hell did I not close the curtains? I ran to them trying not to wake up Kat and shut them. "Hey, I'm making a STARBUCKS run you want anything?" No answer. That’s odd, she always wants coffee. I pulled off her covers only to find a note where she should be. It read:



I know that by the time you get this I will be long gone. Don’t come looking for me. I need to do some things before I have this kid. I will be fine. I got some money and will write to you as much as possible. I promise that I'll be back. I love you. And tell Jake I'm sorry.



No way. She could not have just left. Where would she go, what did she mean by 'some things I need to do'? This jut doesn't make sense. I ran to the boys knowing they would be up by now. They were up. I couldn’t tell them. Before I could say a word I was on the ground crying my eyes out. Sky came over and picked me up bridal style and carried me to the couch. I was shaking, out of fear, sadness, anger, worry, a whole mess of emotions.


"Tori, what's going on, why are you crying?" it was Jake. When I looked at him all I could see was the face of my best friend. Then it went back to the man who ruined her life. I jumped from Sky's lap and they all jumped up with me. I went right up to Jake and hit him square in the nose. He was on the ground with a look of shock on his face. "What the hell Tori!?" he yelled still holding his nose trying to stop the bleeding. 


"Here!!!" I gave him the note,  "Maybe this will explain why I did that. How could you hurt her like that? Now she is out there all alone, PREGNANT, and has no idea where she is going. So I hope your happy because you not only lost your girlfriend but you lost my trust." and with that I stomped off. I grabbed the keys to the truck, and ran out.


"Wait, where are you going?" Josh screamed from the door way. "I'm going to look for Kat. What does it look like I'm doing?" I screamed right back. "I'm going to do this alone. She won't listen to you guys, only me so don't try and help." And with that he closed the door. I could here the screams coming form the flat but I choose to ignore them. I walked to the car, got in, but I just sat there. I did nothing, just sat there. I wanted to scream. Scream at Jake, Kat, life, the world, myself. So, I did. I let out a scream that only I could hear. I cried and cried and cried until I heard a car door open and close next to me. I looked over to find Harry sitting in the passenger seat. I didn't care if he saw me cry, I was broken and needed a shoulder to cry on.



Harry's P.O.V.


I heard screaming coming from the hallway. I stepped out to find that Tori girl going down stairs. I followed. I watched as she got in her truck and just sat there for about 10 minutes. Then she screamed. I knew that she needed some help. I walked over to the door. It was opened. I got in and closed the door. She just looked at me. She proceeded to cry on my shoulder. Something was wrong and even though I had no clue to what it was, I still let it slide. I pulled her close and just let her cry. I hated to see a girl cry but I think that she was just holding it all in and needed to let it out. We were there for 30 minutes until she fell asleep. 


I couldn't just leave her out there, so I brought her to my place. The lads were still asleep so I would explain later. i put her on my bed, careful not to wake her, and left the room. i began to make breakfast and Niall suddenly appeared. When it comes to that boy and food, its like a match made in heaven. i continued to make breakfast while one by one the lads came in. Once we were all together i explained what had happened. 


*skip explanation* 


After that we heard some crying coming from down the hall in my room. It must be Tori. We fast walked to my room to find her looking for something. "Where is it? I need to leave, I need to find her!" she said to herself not realizing that we were there. 


"What are you looking for love?" Zayn spoke up. 


She turned around surprised to see us. "My keys. i need them to go looking for a friend. She kinda ran away. i don't know where she is, or if she is ok because she won't pick up her phone, she's probably hungry, thirsty, cold, and not to mention she's......" she had stopped mid sentence realizing what she was thinking was really being spoken. "i should go. Oh, and one more thing. Do you know where my keys are?" i nodded and gave them to her. She ran out of the flat and to her truck. i of course followed her, and before she started the car i had hopped in.


She gave me a questioning look. "What do you think you are doing?" "Well, you needed help and i'm here to offer it." she just looked at me then started the car. We drove out of town which i thought was very odd. 


"Why are we leaving town? Won't she be there?" i asked. she shook her head and replied, "No, she said she had to do some things before she has her kid. And now knowing that she is pregnant i'm even more worried. But i know exactly where she would have gone." 



A/N what happened to Kat? where are they going? i guess u'll have to wait until next time 


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