Summer With The Band

Tori is a simple girl with a simple life. Great family, amazing boyfriend, and is the most popular girl in school. Oh and did i mention that she and her best friend Kathrine (Kat for short) are in a band. Well what happens when the band go to London for the summer and Tori bumps into the one and only Harry Styles? Will love blossom, will this budding romance threaten to tear the band apart, or will their love last the entire summer into a life time? (OK THIS IS MY FIRST 1D FANFIC SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER STORY LOVER'S REVENGE)


2. Airplanes and Apartments

We will be 

You and Me 

We will be 

Sitting on top of the world

As I belted out the last word of our song I knew that i had lived my dream. Well sort of. Oh, yeah, you don't know who i am, well my name is Tori Clark. i have long brown hair with brown eyes to match. i love to read, write, dance, and i bet you guessed it SING. when i sing i go into this entirely different world. anyways back to the previous subject. this was the last day of high school and get this our parents are letting us go to London for the summer. and by us i mean the rest of the band. there's Kat, my best friend since pre-k, Skylar and Josh, the twin guitar rock gods (as they are known as), and Jake, our drummer. 

this has to be the best day ever because that night we had headed to the airport for London right after the graduation thingy. oh and did i mention that we managed to score FIRST CLASS tickets.

"yeah this is gonna be epic" i said leaning toward Kat who was grabbing onto the seat for dear life. " dude, i know you are scared of planes but just think of what is waiting for us once we are off of this thing." but of course my words of wisdom did not help since she ran to the bathroom once the plane was in the air 

we all just started laughing really hard and started getting looks from the other passengers. which made us laugh even harder. Jake leaned over to me and said, while still laughing, "this is gonna be one long ride." "you said it." the twins replied in perfect sync. how they manage to do that is beyond my understanding. 


(skip the rest of the flight) 


"ok Kat you need to come out know we are about to land." 

" yeah you said that last time so someone could use the bathroom!" she replied in a muffled yet sassy tone. 

"well this time i mean it, come look out the window if you dont believe me." i retored in an equally sassy tone of voice. Kat then came out only to sit down and buckle her seat belt tighter than tight. we all just laugh at her being scared. 


(skip landing an leaving the airport) 

we where driving to who knows were, oh wait the Twins had a surprise for us. they kept on giving each other these little looks. i knew they are up to no good. God all of their surprises end with me or Kat covered in something sticky or us having to call the police. instead of stickiness or police we pull up to an apartment building. that's strange. as we got out i couldn't help but ask,  "guys what are we doing here?''

" ok guys, our mom says that our great aunt passed away,"  Skylar said with a cheery mood in his voice. "Wait why is that good!?" Kat said basicly screaming at him. 

''because,'' Josh chimed in, ''she lived here in London and our mom said that since she paid the rent for months in advance then we can live there for the summer! isn't that great!?''

"what are we standing here in the freezing cold for lets go in!'' Jake screamed grabbing his bags from the trunk. we followed his lead and ran up the steps laughing because he didn't notice the ice and fell flat on his butt. 

Sky was the one who opened the doors and we were stunned. this place was HUGE. 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a living room, and an amazing kitchen. then it hit us, there were only 3 bedrooms. i knew what was going to happen next. we all gave each other the evil eyes and i ran for it. i had to get the best room. well Kat and Jake could care less as long as they get to share. Oh yeah probably should of said something about them dating. oops. anyways, i knew the twins would share they share and do everything i had to get a room that i could live in alone. and for me that means a big closet. but in the time i was thinking the Twins had hold of me and were dragging me to the room i was next to, closed and locked the door. "DAMIT BOYS LET ME OUT!'' i screamed through the thick door. 


what? why would they lock me in a certain room? i just brushed it off and decided on looking around and came across two doors i opened them hoping i was not a prank. it wasn't. THANK GOD! it was dark so of course i turned on the light. and to my amazement it was a walk-in closet. 


they did as they were told. and after unpacking i went to the living room to watch T.V. and was soon joined by everyone else. we soon got into a fight over the remote which ended with us all on the floor laughing. i think this is gonna be an epic summer. 


A/N ok any songs that i put in here do not belong to me the song at the begging was On Top of the World by Bridget Mendler it is one of my favorite songs by her so go check it out


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