H.O.T- Holding Out Thomas ( The Wanted Fanfiction)

This is the story of Bernie Harrison, Gracie Marshall, Jodie Harvey, Claire Allen, Amy Bennett and the amazing TWboys that we know so well.
Friends by chance, with much more love than friendship and more confusion than love will find true values ​​and feelings, making mischief, laughing outrageously and letting a tear roll unintentionally.
Here tell this story ... and they do not even know it.

Signed: The Observer


1. If you do not want me why do not you let me go?

London, January 13, 2013 - 17:37 pm.

Mood of the Day: Surprise

***A song played in four minds at the same time and these four minds thought those people***

The sun was setting somewhere. A tapped her foot wildly in an act of anxiety. The humor of someone became sarcastic. Another person then sat on the side of a tree and finally red wires were touched by the fingers of her own mistress.''It's late'' Said a girl with blonde hair, '' Relax Gracie-the redhead said in mocking tone.'' Seems child. '' Rum, quiet you! I want to feel the breeze on my face! WE FEEL THE PEACE, FEEL!'' Clarie ended in what would be a future discussion. Jodie Harvey stood with her red hair curled to the left side. She was thinking of someone special, but would never admit that was totally different from Bernie Harrison, who said to God and the world about his affair with: '' Nathan Sykes ... You two are perfect together.''  Gracie said.  ''Water, air, bread and butter and toothpaste with toothbrush.'' ''Who does not know?'' Bernie snubbed this comment and felt his ego to maximize. '' Perhaps Nathan'' Clarie Allen could never have dared to say that, not now. '' Contempt your comments Allen. I hope not despise you as a person, not really. Enough my mild irritation at having to put up with the adulation of Gracie.''  Bernie was irritated by comments in relation to Nathan, even if they were favorable, after all, the two were in some unnecessary bullshit will months. Who would dare doubt the future of the couple Narnie?! Good luck. A cell phone rang 'Corrupted' and a surprise voice said: ''Max?'' ''No, your bald grandmother. Of course I'm, you dumb.''  Maximilian did not economize called'' Cheers''. ''Gracie Marshall, where is Jodie?'' Gracie breath engulfing the ignorance of those who wanted it to be more than a friend and curled just to hear a little more of that voice: ''Why? I'm not good?'' Her voice almost disappeared. ''No.'' Jodie could see the pale face of her friend and then gave a sarcastic phrase that made Marshall sideways smile and feel comforted, even if it is minimal consolation: '' Education sent a message, just so you do not forget to return, I'm remembering.'' ''Whatever! I do not like it, how could treat her well?'' Max was rude to his words.  ''I will not waste my time more. It is the next to go home now, we have an extraordinary place to go.'' ''What place?'' ''Return home and I'll tell.'' Max was happy. Jodie looked at Claire sitting still with eyes closed enjoying the cool breeze, Bernie admiring the nothing and then watched Gracie tense, tapping his foot, biting the nails and eyes screaming ''what he said?''.''Okay, but who suggested the place?'' ''Good ...'' Max thought about lying, but I knew that would bring many problems later. '' Jay''. ''Bye.''  ''Not Harvey! Wait, I promise it will be fantastic our tour, do not leave me talking to myself.'' Max pleaded with the most childish voice that can. '' I do a favor for you Jodie, if you're of course''. '' Anything? '' Jodie Harvey seemed incredibly interested and looked for Gracie. '' Yes, I promise''. '' Great. We are coming''.



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