H.O.T- Holding Out Thomas ( The Wanted Fanfiction)

This is the story of Bernie Harrison, Gracie Marshall, Jodie Harvey, Claire Allen, Amy Bennett and the amazing TWboys that we know so well.
Friends by chance, with much more love than friendship and more confusion than love will find true values ​​and feelings, making mischief, laughing outrageously and letting a tear roll unintentionally.
Here tell this story ... and they do not even know it.

Signed: The Observer


3. I need you to lie to me

They reached the place. '' Centennial Theatre Oxford?'' Jodie said indignantly'' This is fun place George? Well, either way you owe me a favor.''
Harvey grabbed Max's arm and led him from behind one of the pillars of the Theatre. '' What will you want? '' Jodie thought and soon decided:'' Spend the night with Gracie! Dance with her and feel blessed to do the best girl in this world.'''' NOT EVEN! Ask anything'' Max inmate was doing what Jodie asked. '' Do it, or you'll get a little revenge. Beware Alberto ...''. '' Okay! I promise nothing.''. James looked at the two leaving from behind the pillar. Strange, is it just me or James was gnawing jealousy? All realized. '' I was not! The point is that Max deserves someone better.'' Jay tried to get rid of the questionnaire after their bout with the hidden conversation between Max and Jodie. '' Someone like Gracie''. Max whispered.
Right now Jodie Harvey contentador smiled and blushed Gracie. Jod, do not play with feelings. Even her making sure Gracie would kill to find everything your girlfriend would have a little moment of fun with the beloved. '' After all, why are we there?''. Bernie was impatient. '' Dead'' Place. '' Dead?'' Nathan laughed opening a door that was in the lobby of the theater.
Lights, drinks and a show of Dionne?! Nobody expected.
'' DIONNE? Who invited you?'' Bernie Nathan yelled as he tried to dodge girl. '' Sykes, explain yourself! I can not believe I lost my night so ...''. '' Be, she is just a friend. '' Relax. Nath still sweating. '' Let's see how long this lasts friendship, my dear.'' Threats aside. It was time to love. '' Gracie wants a drink?'' Max took the girl's hand. '' You know I do not like alcohol.'' Dear George, be nice and do not lie ... IMPOSSIBLE. '' Did you know that you are beautiful?'' George threw his eyes upon the girl'' No. .. What do you want? First of April is over a long time, sweetie.'' sarcasm ran through the veins of the blonde. Gracie tried to pull away, but he was not bald joke.
Promise is debt. Is it really necessary to do justice to this phrase? Max must not exaggerate! Too late. George grabbed the girl by the waist, which did nothing to escape and a kiss liar came loose from one mouth to another. While Alberto enjoyed fooling Gracie, a glass hitting the ground with a look terribly rude. Nathan was on stage singing'' with'' Yeah Right Dionne. Dear Nathan, lost his sense of danger? I think so. '' I do not accept what I'm seeing ...'' Bernie shook his left eye, while the waiter scolded by the glass that fell from his hand. '' I'll fix that now.'' She let the man was talking to himself and have the pleasure to come up with something against the two singers. She climbed behind the scenes easily, after all she was Bernadette Harrison, daughter of President and Roystern's largest advertising company in England and ALMOST girlfriend Nathan Sykes, who would be able to prevent it? They should, but it would be beautiful revenge. Bernie picked up the phone and made a short connection, then your request was sent. EGGS?! Nor do I imagine the end result of that. His children'''' Dionne. she said to herself that the girl was upstairs, a perfect view of the stage and its target. 3, 2.1 ... Everything was yellow and smelled bad. Bernie ran away and was soon happened disguise sitting next to Claire. Could only hear laughter, a girl smelling egg down the stage in tears and Nath really nervous. '' It's no use disguising it was you.'' Jodie laughed at the situation. '' I promise I will not tell, at least not now.'' '' Mercenary! You would not dare tell ...'' Be squinted. '' I will not tell if you help me make the romance between Gracie and Max roll, if you understand me.'' Jodie with his statement of triple sense. Thought'' bullshit''. Bernie opened his eyes and smirked. '' It would be nice to see the two together, my perfect night would end. Not perfect! Nathan approached snorting. He was sure who had spoiled the show. '' Why did you do that?'' The boy was not kidding. '' Why are you bothering her so much?'' Words jealous gushed from the mouth of Be. '' What is it with you?'''' Friendship serves? You demand things which have nothing! Have you ever said something between you and your ex boyfriend model? '''' But I never hid anything we've ever had ... That is the question!''. The fight had just begun Narnie. Jodie tried to leave right away, after all had lost an accomplice to help Max to like Gracie, had to hurry.



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