H.O.T- Holding Out Thomas ( The Wanted Fanfiction)

This is the story of Bernie Harrison, Gracie Marshall, Jodie Harvey, Claire Allen, Amy Bennett and the amazing TWboys that we know so well.
Friends by chance, with much more love than friendship and more confusion than love will find true values ​​and feelings, making mischief, laughing outrageously and letting a tear roll unintentionally.
Here tell this story ... and they do not even know it.

Signed: The Observer


2. Going to... PARTY

The door opened and the boy's phone had his eyes glowing with ardor. Greeted Claire, Jodie and Bernie. Gracie was dropped, she was dead and ran into the bedroom. A tear trickled down her face and behind someone commented: '' He does not know what he's missing.'' Claire Allen said.
Gracie laughed through his nose and his girlfriend who still wiped the tear came down his face. '' I do not care. Maybe I'm stupid too''. Meanwhile Jodie and Bernie rushed to get ready, with touches and retouches and a breathtaking production. Someone looked through the crack and hiss was heard. Bernie Harrison turned and her lover was standing there, smiling and feeling the immense heat. '' Pretty girl'' Nathan said sighing. '' I do not like that call me that''. ''You only becomes difficult, but actually melts all''. Nath took the girl at all. There was no escape. The kiss was automatic and required. So much love and passion? Not really. Jodie exchanged kicks and shots from enemies with looks at James. The boy had on hand, but she knew disguise, at least for the boys in the band. '' Do not know how you put up with her mother create.'' James and so began another discussion would emerge. '' Your hair, your face, you. Misery sets''. '' I am dangerous.'' Jodie breathed. ''This is a threat if you are too stupid to realize. ''Ops, but you are more than dumb, pity.'' A piece of carrot was played, but without success. ''Squinting ... Besides all has no sights.'' Jodie felt the power. ''I pity the girl who once slept with you''. '' They certainly have more value than the nail of your big toe.'' Jay stood up and spat out an air of'' hate'' the environment. '' No. I'll never be one ...'' '' JODIE HARVEY! '' Gracie cried  '' Can you not remember my friend?'' ''All girls are the same, unless your friend''.  ''Jodie smiled remembering past events and feeling a little jealous at the tips of your hair. ''You are beautiful, huh?'' '' I'm not ... I have not been and will never be beautiful. Kiss me league'' Gracie Marshall flagellated herself with insults.  ''I'll ignore the rest of the night was more a phrase such leave.'' Bernie and Nathan went down with battleship behind and holding one of his hands. ''Shall we?'' '' How beautiful the couple Narnie.''  Claire began. Tom looked at his girlfriend and said: '' Claire, my love, the most beautiful couple here are you and me.''  Thomas gave him a peck. There were five boys and five girls. Everyone tried to get down to the car. Bernie, Nathan, Jay, Jodie and Claire were in the same car. Max, Siva, Nareesha, Gracie and Tom were in the other car. The place that was somewhat far, far more than it should be. Enough or not enough? ''  Tom was too hyperactive to sit your butt in a car for more than forty minutes.  ''I want to drink''. '' Hilary''.  Max laughed. 'I also want to drink. My muscles are drying''.Gracie felt his heart beat and the word''muscles'' lingered in his mind. '' Max Muscle, I'd pay to see ... ''.'' What was Miss Marshall? The nail broke?'' Maximilian did woman's voice and began provocations. ''It just thinking this. Poets think much.''  Siva tried to separate the discussion. To no avail, because Max was keen to drop a raucous laugh. ''Problems with hemorrhoids?'' The blonde pinned. It was amazing how Max felt uncomfortable with Gracie.Young people simply do not matter to admit anything. Easier would all be happier, maybe one day learn that the boss is the heart. '' We are prisoners of ourselves.''





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