Change For You

Amanda White has always been the girl that never quite fit in. She was bullied most her life and eventually found her way into trouble. She used to be a sweet innocent little girl with tons of friends but that changed with high school. Bella, her older sister, and her only family left, is constantly worrying and trying to help her. After Amanda's graduation her sister surprises her with a trip to England where Amanda ends up face to face with the famous boy band, One Direction. Her simple vacation to England becomes something bigger and she finds herself changing, but this time is it for the better?


2. The Surprise

Amanda's P.O.V.

"Amanda!" I heard Bella yell and dragged myself to the top of the stairs. "What do you want?" I asked annoyed. "Come down here! I have a surprise for you!" She said cheerfully. My mind began to wonder what it could be. I really was to depressed at the moment (No surprise) to talk to her but I had to find out what she wanted. I walked down the stairs slowly and found my sister standing in the living room smiling. I gave a gentle/awkward smile and sat down on the sofa. "What is it?" I asked curious. That was probably one of my worst flaws, I am always way to curious, kinda like a cat. She pulled out a ticket of some sort and I was hoping it was a concert ticket. "One plane ticket to London, England." She smiled at me. I immediately jumped up and hugged her. I had always wanted to travel around the world and London was of course #1 on my list of places to go. To me it wasn't just a place with a lots of Brits who have tea time. To me is was like fairytale land, the one place I've wished I could escape to my whole life and now I finally got my chance.

Of course my sister knew how much I loved London, but I frowned once I remembered how expensive tickets to there were. "What is it?" She asked after seeing my expression. "How in the world did you come up with that much money?" I asked calmly. "I've been saving up, Just For You." She smiled and I gave her a hug. "Thank you." I whispered. After everything I've done and all the stuff I'm into she still sees the best in me. I felt my eyes tear up and gave my sister one last thank you before heading up to start packing. Maybe for once things will be better but probably not.

Today was the day that I was leaving for London. Bella had insisted on driving me to the airport and now here we stood saying our goodbyes. "Take care of yourself, alright?" my sister said and I could tell she was trying not to get emotional. To be honest I was scared to leave her, after our parents died she was my protector and other than that she was my only family left. I really loved her and didn't want anything to happen to her. "I'll miss you." I whispered. I was rarely ever the lovable type but my sister was the only other person in my life. She gave me a smile and we hugged. We both said our farewells and I ran to catch my plane. Before she was out of sight I turned around and waved one last goodbye. Goodbye Bells...


~Authors note~

Sorry for the short chapter, just really wanted to update for you guys before I went to bed but I promise to make the next chapter longer!

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