Change For You

Amanda White has always been the girl that never quite fit in. She was bullied most her life and eventually found her way into trouble. She used to be a sweet innocent little girl with tons of friends but that changed with high school. Bella, her older sister, and her only family left, is constantly worrying and trying to help her. After Amanda's graduation her sister surprises her with a trip to England where Amanda ends up face to face with the famous boy band, One Direction. Her simple vacation to England becomes something bigger and she finds herself changing, but this time is it for the better?


3. Hotel London

Amanda's P.O.V.

I hadn't realized how much I hate planes before but then again this was my first time on one. I closed my eyes trying to force myself back to sleep. I knew that the plane would arrive in about an hour but I was honestly starting to feel sick. "Mam, are you alright?" one of the flight attendants asked and I just nodded my head giving a weak smile. Actually no I'm not, I'm horrible thanks for asking. A few kids were being noisy close by and I glared at their parents who were just sitting there smiling. I remember my parents being like that but I couldn't think of them right now. I groaned and looked out the window, at least I had the view to enjoy.

I had survived the plane ride and now was riding in a cab to the hotel my sister had recommended. Apparently it's a really expensive, fancy place and my sister got me a discount.  I didn't quite understand how a discount could help any when it comes to an expensive hotel but I can't complain. "Here we are mam." Said the driver and I gave him a smile before getting out. One thing about England that I've learned so far is that everyone is very friendly. Maybe this trip would make things better after all. Carrying my suitcases I walked into the hotel. It was magnificent and I was speechless. The whole place was all formal and fancy looking and I felt out of place with my t shirt and jeans. I would have to remember to thank Bell for all of this.

I thought the entrance to this place was crazy but it was nothing compared to my room. My room wasn't as fancy but it was still amazing and HUGE. It had 1 master bedroom and also another huge bedroom  with a few beds that I didn't need but it was still nice. I was also falling in love with the master bath. It had this huge shower and as soon as I saw it I took a hot shower. Best.Shower.Ever. So far London was looking great and I barely had seen anything yet.

I sat on the couch debating if i should order room service or not and finally decided not too. I wasn't very hungry to be honest, so instead I grabbed my swimsuit and  left my room locking it behind me. I really wanted to see what this place had to offer and they had said something about a pool.

"Excuse me mam?" I asked a lady in a hotel uniform. "Can you point me towards to pool?"

Surprisingly no one was at the pool, so I had it all to myself. The pool was on a balcony and was very long. I laid down in a chair hoping to get a little sun and just relax. I had heard England was usually I rainy place but today it was far from that. The sun was high in the sky and I guessed that it was around the afternoon. I was admiring the way the sun shined on the water when a group of boys had ran out. "Cannon ball!" One yelled and jumped in the water creating a huge splash. I rolled my eyes and laid back looking at the clouds. I was not interested in a bunch of shirtless, childish boys right now. I'd rather look at the clouds.

"Here I go!" One of the boys yelled before jumping in the pool ,near me , creating a giant splash. Before I could even react I was covered in water. I bit my lip to keep myself from going off on the boys. I didn't want to ruin my first day in London like that. "Seriously Louis?!" Hollered one of the other boys in a cute accent as he ran over to me. "Hey, are you alright?" He asked. "I'm fine." I mumbled. "Sorry about my friend." he then handed me a towel. "Thanks." I smiled as I took the towel and dried off. "My names Liam." He then put his hand out for me to shake. "Amanda." I said as I shook his hand. He was such a gentlemen.

His friends then walked up behind him and I got a little nervous. "This is Louis the one who splashed you." Liam said. "Sorry, love." Louis said giving me a little smile. "It's fine" I smiled. "That's Harry, Zayn and Niall." he said pointing to each one as he spoke. "And this is Amanda" Liam said gesturing towards me. "Hi.." I whispered. I was becoming uncomfortable. I've always been more of the loner type. Mostly cause no one really likes me.

We talked for awhile that night, just spending time getting to know each other. I learned that they were in a band called One Direction. I hadn't remembered ever hearing of them which seemed to surprise them. They were all British except Niall who I found to have a very cute Irish accent. They were really fun to hang out with though and they made me laugh a little. Something that was hard for most people to do. I think they found me a bit weird since I didn't tell them much about myself besides that I was from America, I lived with my sister and I was just visiting London. To be honest I was scared of how they would think of me. I knew they were just strangers and once I left London I would probably never see them again but I didn't want them to think bad about me. I was a party girl though and they would find out soon enough.



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