Change For You

Amanda White has always been the girl that never quite fit in. She was bullied most her life and eventually found her way into trouble. She used to be a sweet innocent little girl with tons of friends but that changed with high school. Bella, her older sister, and her only family left, is constantly worrying and trying to help her. After Amanda's graduation her sister surprises her with a trip to England where Amanda ends up face to face with the famous boy band, One Direction. Her simple vacation to England becomes something bigger and she finds herself changing, but this time is it for the better?


1. My Wonderful Life

Amanda's P.O.V.

I stared into emerald eyes that seemed to dig into my past. I blinked twice. Emerald eyes then ran her fingers through her short, straight and black hair that caressed her neck. I looked down at my stomach and sighed before leaving the bathroom. The girl in the mirror was my best friend and worst enemy, she was me. I drink, smoke and party but no one knows I like to write. I'm out of prison(high school) and have no idea what to do with my life. When I was a little girl I used to want to be a songwriter, I still love writing songs but I've given up on dreams. Life  never ends out like you plan it anyways.

Well here is the scoop on how I got to be so wonderful(sarcasm). My parents used to call me their little sunshine because even on the worst of days I found a way to make people smile. I loved princesses and ice cream and life was great. I lived with my mom, dad, big sister and I had a little brother on the way. We were going to call him Samuel. I was 14 when I came home to a crying sister, who tried her best to explain to me what had happened. Mom and Dad were on their way to buy me a cake for my birthday the next day when a 18-wheeler ran a red light and rammed into them. Three graves and not one was the stupid driver of the 18-wheeler. My mom, my dad, and my unborn little brother who never got to be a part of our wonderful, perfect family. My sister, Bella, and I took their deaths hard but me the hardest. Bella had turned 19 and was planning to go to college to become a doctor until she was left with me to take care of. After that day, everything changed.

Our aunt and uncle had moved in, because we couldn't bare to move out, and I became distant at school. No one liked me and instead they bullied me. Bella stayed with me and instead took a job at Starbucks. I dyed my blonde hair black and wore dark clothes. I don't have my mom to comfort me when life seems too hard to handle, even though Bella tries her best. I don't have my dad to spoil me and lecture me about boys. I don't have my little brother to take care of. All I have is memories, photos and an empty nursery that I sometimes visit so that I can talk to Samuel. I put all the pain and tears in a box that I only opened when I am alone. I wear fake smiles and ignore people who point and laugh at me. I have no friends. All I have is a notebook of songs and a loving older sister who has sacrificed so much for me but it isn't enough. I wash down everything with alcohol, I smoke away the tears and I party away. That's how my life had turned out and that's how it was gonna be.

For now...


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