Some Dreams Do Come True

Lulu, Alexa, and Halle are 3 BFFs who looove One Direction. Alexa is about to turn 19, and for her 19th birthday Lulu and Halle are taking her to a One Direction concert. They all have their favorites and when Halle and Lulu have another surprise for Alexa, how will their lives change a lot or not at all. Whose dreams will come true, whose won't, and who might get in the way of some coming true...


16. The Dates

Lulu's POV

My phone ringed and it was Liam. I answered it eagerly. He asked me if I wanted to go to the beach. "Yeah! So, when do you want me to meet you there?" I said. "How about 1:00 on the boardwalk in front of the arcade. "Okay! See ya!" I said and hung up. I had an hour to get ready for our beach date!

Liam's POV

Lulu and I were going to the beach later. I wanted to surprise her. I made a picnic. I put on my swim suit and a t-shirt with red converse, then drove to the beach. 

Lulu's POV

I put on my pink and black plaid bathing suit, and my light pink strapless cover up with pink flip flops. I hopped into my car. I got to the arcade and found Liam. He gave me a hug and we went to the water. He took off his shirt and he ran to the water. I took off my cover up and he turned around and stared at me. I said,"Take a picture, it'll last longer." I smiled and he laughed. Then he came back to the sand and ran behind me and picked me up bridal style. He ran into the water with me as I was screaming at him between laughs,"PUT ME DOWN LIAM! NOW!" "Okay, whatever you say Lulu." as he threw me into the water. When I resurfaced, I got up and ran to Liam, tackling him into the water. Before he could could get up and tackle me back I ran to shore. He came to shore with me and tried to drag me back into the water. When that didn't work, he picked me up again.

Liam's POV

I was having so much fun with Lulu at the beach, and I think she was too. We got out of the water at about 3:30. I asked her if she wanted to go to the arcade. She said okay. I put my shirt on, and she put on her cover up. We walked to the boardwalk. When we got in front of the arcade someone called her name.

Lulu's POV

Liam and I were walking to the arcade after being in the water, it was so much fun! But, when we got to the arcade someone yelled, "Lulu! Hey long time no see." I turned around and saw Brody. Of course. Of all people for me to see while on a date with Liam, Brody was the one I saw. Liam tensed beside me. Brody stared at the both us, then said,"So, Lulu, you didn't want to hang out with me or call or text me because of him. What, is he your boyfriend." "Brody just go away, I met you at the party, and we talked and hung out, I got your number, yes, but I also deleted it the next day. And, no he is not my boyfriend." I said sternly. But in my head I thought, But I wish he was. 

Liam's POV

Okay, so this guy Lulu was talking to seemed a little bit like a jerk, so I took Lulu's hand and just pulled her away from him. He walked away and I was relieved. After that we just played in the arcade. We were in there for about an hour and Lulu said she had to leave to go help Alexa. It was about 4:45. I said bye and she gave me a quick kiss and smiled, then she left.

Lulu's POV

That was the most fun I have ever had! Besides the Brody drama it was the best date I have ever had.

Halle's POV

Niall and I went to the movies and went to lunch. It was fun, just I don't think we would be best as a couple. I felt that we should just be friends, and I was fine with it, now Niall, I don't know how how he felt. I knew me and him would be good as friends, but nothing more. Maybe I would find someone that I had more chemistry with.

Niall's POV

Halle had told me that we should just be friends. I was a little sad, but she was right. We didn't have much chemistry. We talked during lunch, and we just didn't have chemistry. But it would be fine just being friends, it wouldn't be awkward or anything. So, that's just what we did. We stayed friends.

Alexa's POV

It was 5:00 when Lulu got to my house. She was so bubbly and happy, it was actually really funny seeing her like that over a guy. It sounded to me like it was fun. I had asked Halle if she wanted to come over but she said no. So, it was just Lulu and I. I had no idea what I wanted to wear to my  date with Louis. Since we were going to dinner, I wanted to look nice, but I didn't want to over do it. I finally decided on a black dress that has a purple belt and is purple on the bottom with black tights and purple combat boots. I just kept my hair down. It was 6:30. Louis said he would pick me up at 6:45. Lulu left 5 minutes before he got to my house. He knocked on the door and I opened it. He had a rose for me and he looked so cute. "Hi. Louis." I said. "Hey Alexa, you ready?" he asked as he looked into my eyes. I was in a transe. I finally realized what I was doing and said, "Oh yeah, lets go!" He took my hand and led me to his car and opened the door for me. The resturaunt was beautiful. I ate and then sat and talked for awhile. I had a great time with him. Then, when we left the resturaunt, I was sad because I thought the date was over. He drove right past my house so I was wondering what he was doing. I asked him and he said he was taking me to the beach. Boy was I glad I wore combat boots instead of heels. It was so beautiful and peaceful at the beach. The waves were crashing, the sand was cold and, the sky was clear with a full moon shining bright. We walked and talked for awhile, and then he took my hands in his and said, "Alexa, I know we have known each other for a little bit over a month, but to me it feels as if I have known you for so much longer. I can be myself around you, and I love that. So, do you want to be my girlfriend." I was shocked I loved being with him, but I don't know if I am ready for a boyfriend again. So, I said, "Lou, I love being with you, and I can be myself with you too, but I just don't know if I am ready for another boyfriend yet. My ex, Alex and I were going out for three years and-" My words were cut off by his lips against mine. It was a sweet kiss, and I enjoyed it. We stopped kissing, and I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and said, "Alright then. I will be your girlfriend." I smiled and kissed him again.

Louis' POV

I asked Alexa if she wanted to be my girlfriend, and she said yes. I am so happy right now! After the date I drove her home, kissed her goodnight, and she went inside.




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