Some Dreams Do Come True

Lulu, Alexa, and Halle are 3 BFFs who looove One Direction. Alexa is about to turn 19, and for her 19th birthday Lulu and Halle are taking her to a One Direction concert. They all have their favorites and when Halle and Lulu have another surprise for Alexa, how will their lives change a lot or not at all. Whose dreams will come true, whose won't, and who might get in the way of some coming true...


14. Do, Did, Does

Halle's POV

Today was fun, we hung out with the boys, and Lulu finally met Liam. We got to her house and she was back to her loud bubbly self, which is great. Niall is so sweet. Today I got to get to know him a little more, I think he might like me! I know I like him, and have for 2 years but that was mostly because he was famous... and cute! I just didn't know how great of a personality he had. It would be great to go on a date with him, not because he is Niall Horan of One Direction, but because he was just Niall Horan.

Alexa's POV

Today was probably the second greatest day of my life. We hung out with the boys at the mall. It was sooo much fun. Lulu even met Liam. They talked all day and they never left the other's side, they were adorable together! I got to know Louis, he is soo much fun, he is hilarious!! Better yet he never shut up, just like me. We are perfect together, I wonder if he thinks that. He is also very talkative, random, and loud, just like me! I hope he asks me out, or maybe I will, but not yet its only been 2 days. He's loud, random, and funny... not to mention his amazing hair all great qualities in the type of guy I want. He is the perfect guy for me.

Lulu's POV 

I had so much fun today! I met Liam Payne! We talked the whole day, he even told me that he was looking for me last night after the concert. Liam was kinda shy, around me anyway, I guess I was the same way. He was so nice though. I learned alot about him. He has a really cool personality. He was like the father of the other guys, now I know why he is called Daddy Direction, he definitley was the one keeping them together. I just wondered does he like me the way I like him? I haven't known him for long, but he has a wonderful personality. 

Louis' POV

Wow. Alexa is amazing! She is pretty, nice, and is loud and obnoxious, just like me! I think I might like her. If she likes me I want it to be because well, she likes me, not my fame. I don't think she's like that though. She is awesome.

Niall's POV

Halle is wonderful. She is a little quiet, but I like that. She is an amazing guitar player! I might ask her to come over so we could play some songs together. She was a really nice girl. She was pretty, I loved her eyes. The question was did I like her, or not. I wasn't sure.

Liam's Pov

I was so happy when I found Lulu. She was beautiful, and mysterious. I enjoyed being with her. She was interesting. Meeting her was like love at first sight, the question is, did she feel the same.

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