Some Dreams Do Come True

Lulu, Alexa, and Halle are 3 BFFs who looove One Direction. Alexa is about to turn 19, and for her 19th birthday Lulu and Halle are taking her to a One Direction concert. They all have their favorites and when Halle and Lulu have another surprise for Alexa, how will their lives change a lot or not at all. Whose dreams will come true, whose won't, and who might get in the way of some coming true...


20. Beach Party

Lulu's POV

The party began. I was sitting next to Liam and Alexa, and Alexa was sitting next to Louis, and Harry was next to Liam and Zayn. We were all sitting around the fire, except for Niall. Niall, of course, was in the kitchen, eating. When he finally came back we decided to play truth or dare. Harry asked Zayn first. Zayn chose dare. He was dared to kiss Liam. Now this was something I had to see. Liam stood up and Zayn kissed him, right on the lips. It was actually really funny. Alexa and I were standing up laughing our butts off. Liam came up to me and said,"Oh you thought that was funny huh?" he picked me up, then ran towards the ocean and continued,"Well I then this is going to be hilarious." He was about to throw me in the ocean, so I yelled in between fits of laughter," LIAM! STOP IT!! DON'T YOU EVEN DARE!" "Okay, okay, but say your sorry." he said with a cute pouty face. "I am very sorry Liam." Then he picked me up and kissed me. We went back to the bonfire. Zayn then asked Louis truth or dare.

Alexa's POV 

It was Louis' turn and he chose dare. Zayn said, "Louis, I dare you to go for a swim, naked." "Alright then, I'll be back," Louis said. He ran to the shore and took off his clothes he jumped into the water and stayed in for 5 minutes. He came back shivering with a towel around himself and went inside to put clothes on. He came back out and was still shivering, so I cuddled with him for the rest of the night. We all had turns and it was a blast. We had a dance party. It was so much fun. We did a bunch of things. At about midnight, there was no food left, mostly because of Niall. We all went in and just chilled. We watched some movies. It was so much fun. In the morning I woke up next to Lulu, and all the guys were gone. I guess we had fallen asleep during the movies, so the guys just went upstairs. The party was really fun, and there were some hilarious moments. I checked my phone and it had 7 unread messages from none other than Alex. Perfect.


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