Some Dreams Do Come True

Lulu, Alexa, and Halle are 3 BFFs who looove One Direction. Alexa is about to turn 19, and for her 19th birthday Lulu and Halle are taking her to a One Direction concert. They all have their favorites and when Halle and Lulu have another surprise for Alexa, how will their lives change a lot or not at all. Whose dreams will come true, whose won't, and who might get in the way of some coming true...


9. Back Stage

Alexa's POV

The concert ended at about 9:15. It was sooo much fun and Louis never took his eyes off me. Lu and Hal said that Niall and Liam never took their eyes off of them. I am so happy. This has been the best day and birthday of my life, and it still isn't over! Once the boys signed autographs, and the girls stopped coming up with ways to meet and stalk the boys, and they were pretty ridiculous if I do say so myself, it was around 10:30. We showed their many, many large security guards our backstage passes, it was about 10:50. As Halle, Lulu, and were let through, we each let out a little squeal. Luckily, no one noticed. We walked through the back, and found the boys dressing rooms. We explored each and everyone of them together as a very large man followed us. Halle went into Niall's dressing room, Lulu went into Liam's, and I went into Louis' dressing room, and found Kevin! Kevin was just sitting there in front of a chair, as if Louis had been talking or playing with it. I picked him up, and then the handle turned on the door...

Halle's POV

I found Niall's guitar and asked if I could play it. I used to take guitar lessons and i didn't know if I still sounded good. sat there and played Niall's guitar. I hadn't played the guitar in at least 3yrs, and the notes just came to me. It was like i had just played the guitar yesterday. I played many short songs, it was so fun, and what made it better was the fact I was playing Niall Horan's guitar. I heard an Irish accent followed by British accents. One Direction was just outside my door, and my best friends were not with me. They were in "their" boys' rooms searching around. The guard that was with me went outside the door because he figured i wouldn't do anything stalkerish or strange, after i had just sat their and played the guitar for awhile. As i heard Niall's voice approaching the room, I just stopped playing. Outside he was saying to the other boys that he would be right back, he had to go find where the wonderful guitar playing was coming from.

Lulu's POV

I was in Liam's dressing room, just searching. I found Liam's pink hair straightner, and the Toy Story Movies... Of course. I looked around a little longer, and didn't find much. I found an empty bowl, well almost empty bowl of cereal, with a fork in it. I just laughed. I asked the guard if I could watch the movies, and he agreed and left. The movie had just started, and I hadn't heard the door open, i just heard it close, and then someone tapped me on the shoulder. 


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