Save You!

This is Isabella and Elizabeth stories! They are sisters to two of One Direction! They just won X-Factor! Bella is Harry`s sister! Lize is Louis` sister! Bella looks like Harry, just a girl! Lize and Louis are twins! But when they were old enough Lize couldn`t talk! Now 21 years later Lize is having problems talking and singing! They are on the X-Factor tour! Will she recover? Or will she be doomed to use sign language forever? How will she recover if she does? Read to find out!


1. Only the Beginning

Hi! I`m Isabella! Just Bella for short. My height is about 5'4, but not quite! Oh and my last name is Styles. Yes Harry Styles is my brother! My older brother! Gemma is my sister and she`s the best! Anyways! I`m only 17 where as Harry is almost19 (Gemma at 25)! Birthday is December 25! I know I was born on Christmas! Lou`s jealous that I get twice the amount of presents that he does! But it`s also my birthday! Harry says that I was luck! I don`t think so! I`m just awesome like that Harry! Anyways. I have dark brown curly hair, like Harry`s, it`s so different when I straighten it! My eyes are a very pretty blue-green! One weird thing, I dress like Harry would if he was a girl! Just kidding! I wear the total opposite of Harry! On with the story!

"The X-Factor winner is....." They made the creepy heart beat noise that put the pressure on! "Bella Styles and Elizabeth Tomlinson!" Lize and I scream and hug each other. I was embarrassed by this much, we are jumping up and down like 5 year olds. Then our feet weren`t on the ground! I looked up to see Louis behind his sister and Harry behind me. "Ok guys! You can put us down now!"I tell them. Lize looks very confused that they are here! We both are! But during the X-Factor tour, they will be opening for us! Yay. A whole four months with my brother, Louis, and the rest of the boys. Lize has always had a major crush on Harry since before kindergarten. I always tease her about it. She just smacks me with wither what`s in her hand or her hand! Last time it was a piece of chicken and she still ate it, shes definitely half Lou half Niall! She does hang around them the most! Surprisingly even though shes at my house more that that! Louis and Harry let go of us. Lou picked up Lize again and dragged her somewhere! She was screaming for him to put her down. He refused! Harry and I just stood there, laughing, the whole time! "Bells! You won! How does it feel?:" Harry asked, almost daring to pick me up. "Harr! Yes I did, so did Lize, she and I both won! It feels great! I love feeling of victory! I thought that we were gonna lose! But this is just the beginning! We are on the road to fame!" I say. Then run 'cause Harry was gonna hug me and pick me up! I love Harry but he`s a pain pain in the butt! He acyually catches me and scares the crap out of me. I just laugh it off. We all do! Harry, Louis, Lize and me! We are gonna be awesome during the tour!

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