Save You!

This is Isabella and Elizabeth stories! They are sisters to two of One Direction! They just won X-Factor! Bella is Harry`s sister! Lize is Louis` sister! Bella looks like Harry, just a girl! Lize and Louis are twins! But when they were old enough Lize couldn`t talk! Now 21 years later Lize is having problems talking and singing! They are on the X-Factor tour! Will she recover? Or will she be doomed to use sign language forever? How will she recover if she does? Read to find out!


3. Meeting The Boys...

Harry`s POV

Bells and Lize are packed and ready to go! "Time to go!" I yelled from the front room. Then there was someone on my back. "Who is this?" I asked, it wasn`t Louis, not enough weight. "Lize! Hi Harry!" She said from my back. "Well, hi Lize!" I said, then started to run around. Lize held on tight and buried her face in my neck. She`s so beautiful. I wish she knew it too. When I put her down she giggled. "Louis! Bells! Come on! We need to leave!" Then they came running down the stiars. We got to the car, Bella called shotgun and Louis was driving. That left me with Lize, in back. I love the way her went over her. Her sideways bangs in her eyes. She`s three years older than me though. Do I care? Not really! I`m in love with her and all her little things. Wow, just quoted one of my own songs. I was lost in my thoughts until Louis yelled, "LET`S GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY `TIL WE SEE THE SUN!" Louis was being typical Louis. But Lize was actually singing it. Bells was sleeping, I wonder how she does it! "Hey girl its now or never, its now or never, don`t over think just let it go. And if we get together, yeah get together, don`t need the pictures just let it go!" Lize sang. I just love her voice! It`s perfect. "BELLA WAKE UP!"Louis yelled, Bella jumped in her seat! I laughed and she sent me a glare, a death glare. "Louis Willian Tomlinson! That was mean! Apologize! Now!" Lize told him, she`s the older twin! "I`m sorry, Bells But we are here! Get out of mah car!" Louis said, hopping out and grabbing some of our bags. I hopped out and helped him. Why is my hand so warm?

Bella`s POV

"I hate your brother, Lize" I whined, she just chuckled! We got on our plane. Lize sat down, Harry sat next to her. I just now noticed that Lize`s tips of her hair are like a red-brown now. I fell asleep and woke up right before the plane landed because of Louis. "GET UP! YOU LAZY BUM!" He yelled whilst shaking me. I very very lightly hit his face. "Ow! Harry! She hit me!" Louis tattled but Harry was too busy staring at Lize. Louis looked... well furious! But not in his face in his eyes! I`ve never seen Louis lke this but I liked it! But my heart belonged to Liam. Before I knew it we were in the hotel room. I guess I was doing stuff while I was lost in thought! WHen I snapped out of my thoughts I was on the couch snuggled up to Liam, who looked down and smiled at me. "Hey, love!" I felt my cheeks burn as I slightly moved away. " LOUIS! HARRY! WHEN ARE INTODUCTIONS?"He shouted. " Liam they are NOW!" Louis said sitting next to his sister. Lize, as I know, is very shy about talking - totally the opposite of Louis! Louis put his arm around Lize. "Everyone besides Harry and you!" He gestured to me. " This is my sister! Elizabeth!" He said giving her a small squeeze. "Please just Lize!'she said smiling. Harry sat next to me. "Ok! This is my sister!" Everyone looked at me. "Thanks Harry!" I told him angrily. "I`m Isabella! But cal me Bells." I said with a smile. "Ok! So I`m guessing you know who we are!" Niall said in his Irish accent that is way too cute! . Lize giggles and pushes Harry a bit. I smile to myself. After all that I`m so tired! Next thing I know I was out! Out as in asleep! Asleep, snuggled up ti Liam! I knew it could happen, he is dating Dani.

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