Save You!

This is Isabella and Elizabeth stories! They are sisters to two of One Direction! They just won X-Factor! Bella is Harry`s sister! Lize is Louis` sister! Bella looks like Harry, just a girl! Lize and Louis are twins! But when they were old enough Lize couldn`t talk! Now 21 years later Lize is having problems talking and singing! They are on the X-Factor tour! Will she recover? Or will she be doomed to use sign language forever? How will she recover if she does? Read to find out!


2. Lize`s backstory!

It was almost to time and I was about half packed! I finally gave into Harry asking me if I needed help! I really did! " Bells?" Harry asked, I looked at him. "Yeah Haz?" I asked, he looked a bit weird today, like he had someone on his mind. "Does Lizzie... have a boyfriend?" He asked I could tell he was blushing a little bit. I laughed! "No she doesn`t Harry Berry!" I loved calling him that it pissed him off! He knew that nickname that I hate! "Ok! Thanks, Jingle Bells!" He smirks. Then I chase him around! "Oh! Someone has a crush!" I tease him. He tackles me. "Yes I do! So shut up!" He says sitting on me until I nod.

Lize POV-

I could hear Harry and Bella chasing each other around and a thump. I was done packing and trying to listen to my One Direction music on my new iPhone 4S, Louis bought it for me for our birthday! We figured out about 5 or 6 years ago that we were twins! And separated at birth! Here`s some of my old life:

"Lizzibeth! Lizzibeth!" Louis chanted. He knew I hated it! At the moment he and I are both 15. I hate Louis! But I feel like there`s something between us. Like we are part of something! Each and everyday, I looked like Louis but as a girl! Same color hair, same color eyes. The only two differences were. 1. Louis is a boy, I`m a girl. And 2. He`s taller than me. Louis is SOOOOO annoying! 


"Liz?" Louis asks. "Yes Louis?"I ask trying not to look confused. "Where`s your birth certificate? I have a twin... a twin sister... and I think that you are my sister!" He says shaking me. "My birth certificate? Its at home. It says that my parents adopted me. I didn`t read the rest. My name is Elizabeth Marie Tomlinson..." I say looking down. "OK! WE ARE BROTHER AND SISTER! AHHHH!" Louis said being Louis. I laugh. He and I even have the some laugh.


here I am with my BROTHER Louis! He`s one of my best friends! He helps me try to get a boyfriend. He`s famous. And I am too as of today!


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