Poem 1 (Sorry creative people, no name)


1. Claire.


I couldn't disregard her figure nor shape She was magnificence to the eye She couldn't exist, the way her hair twists And her presence on a high But by her absolute allure, and the twinkle in her voice  I knew I had to talk to her, I knew I had no choice.    Her intelligence was stunning, and that was a delight And her manor of words were preceptive, and brought forward a new light  Though she shined much intellect, it was pure with no denial That the brightest thing there was that night was the way she made me smile.   We sat by the water, looking upon the waves I was awkward as well as nervous, and kind of in a daze Her face glimmered in the light, that seemed to go on forever So I took a chance, going on with my endeavor   It was like a rain of glory had fallen from the sky And the response of the choir was to pass the chorus by,  and by as we sat there, with her lips upon mine and that is the tale of my first date, with a girl whom has presence so devine.
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