Can they hear? I don't understand
I'm scream, running, but they don't hear.
Anyone there?
People all around, but I am so alone.
Slow motion, darkness, like I am Falling.

This is free verse. I hope you like it :)


2. Sleep

Home is walks away

But, finally I get there

My mom isn't home,

I walk to the TV and turn it on

Boring sounds fills the room.

Ring Ring Ring

Went the telephone

"Hello?" I asked

"Nobody likes you, fatty!"

Then it went dead

It was Clare I knew it

I started thinking about what she said

No, I am not that fat

Am I?

Yes, nobody likes me


That is still a mystery to me

I started crying thinking about all the stuff she says

I cry myself to sleep like I always do,

Nothing is peaceful, nothing is going right

I wake up when the garage door 

Went Clink Clank Clunk

I  ran upstairs.

Gotta look good for Mom

If not, it's bad bad news

I run, run, run upstairs

I decided that I would just lock my self

In my room

Clink Clank Clunk

went the lock

I sigh a big sigh

It was time

I walked slowly walked

 Into the bathroom

Avoid the mirrors

And went straight towards the razor

The one thing that makes me feel better

One scar?


Two scars?

Even more

Try 10.

Clare that stupid Clare

Drove Drive Driven me to this point

I did what I did every night

Now, its going to be 11

11 memories 

Crying Crying Crying

I walked to bed

Goodnight sleep tight don't let the demons bite.



*Authors note*

If anybody is wondering I do not self harm. Thats it :) keep reading and Favorite it :) Tell your friends, family, dogs and cats!

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