Can they hear? I don't understand
I'm scream, running, but they don't hear.
Anyone there?
People all around, but I am so alone.
Slow motion, darkness, like I am Falling.

This is free verse. I hope you like it :)


3. Him

Beep beep beep

My alarm clock was trying to tell me to get up

No I wanted to say back

But I couldn't

The air felt like a ghost was here

The mood was tense

Like every other day

I changed into a blue and white strip shirt

With jeans

I put on my converses

and walked out

Nature today wasn't as pretty

Little wet things hit me left and right

The scent was good though

School was a head.

I walked, walked, walked to it


School misery

The same thing

The only good thing about it is him

Him the one I can't have





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